Ever come home with a lot of one product and …oops, there’s already a ton of that sitting in the pantry! Streamline your purchases and stockpile by keeping track with an inventory record.

Here are some good methods:

  • Spreadsheets: Create a spreadsheet of the items on hand. Update it every few days or weekly to keep current. We recommend keeping track of the number of unused/unopened packages.


  • Phone Apps: Applications like My Pantry or Out of Milk let you add products and their quantities, keep track of expiration dates, or add an item to your shopping list when you’re running low. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use the Out of Milk website app. For more money-saving phone apps, check out this KCL contributor post.
  • Handwritten: If electronics aren’t your thing, a plain handwritten list will do. Consider a small notebook (which are on sale now for back-to-school) with a handwritten record. Create columns and write in pencil, which is helpful when quantities change.

Extra! Extra! When you have more of a product than you will use before it expires, consider donating it to a local food bank/shelter/church or neighbors in need. An important tenet of Krazy Couponing is using coupons to help others!

Check out this post for Recommended Stockpile Amount Guidelines for a guide on how much of each product to keep on hand.

So what works for you? What do you recommend? Tell us in the comments below!