I recently dusted off a strange box in the garage, opened it and what did I find? A whole slew of old VHS tapes made sometime in the 80s and 90s. There were family Christmas celebrations, birthdays, holidays and images of relatives who aren’t with us anymore. What a treasure.

Of course, I don’t have a VHS player on which to view said tapes. Conundrum!

Then I found out about this service called YesVideo.com. I can order online and ship my old video tapes directly to YesVideo with their EasyShip kit.

Or I can drop my tapes off at any of about 34,000 retailers (like Walmart or CVS).

The company will turn those VHS tapes into digital media. They work their magic with old film, slides, photos and media cards! Those movies will come back to my house as DVDs along with the original VHS tapes! Or, I can just pick them up from the same retail location if I drop them off.

I can share the photos and videos on social media and via e-mail. YesVideo will even store everything digitally in the cloud in my own private online account.

Why is this important? Tapes, films, slides and photos degrade over time. I’m going to take care of this before these important moments are gone forever.

I’m totally doing this for my parents for Christmas. What a meaningful, original gift!

Prices start at about $19.99 for a 2-hour VHS tape.  For a limited time, visit the site, enter your e-mail and get a special code good for 25% off of your entire order.