Take the hassle out of cooking this season. Home Chef created a new line of meal kits called Skinnytaste, which consists of low-calorie or carb-conscious meal kits.

They’re currently offering $110 off your first five boxes, which nets you $30 off your first two and $10-20 off the following three.

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What is Skinnytaste?

From the creators of Home Chef, Skinnytaste is a new way of eating healthy through meal kits. When signing up, you can choose from healthier options that are either calorie friendly or low in carbs. They offer the same great tasting ingredients, all packaged fresh and sent directly to your door.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Head over to Home Chef.
  2. Click “Pick your meals.”
  3. Enter an email address.
  4. Choose the number of people and servings.
  5. Enter personal information and choose your delivery date.
  6. Enter payment information and hit “Sign up and pick meals.”

Note: For $19.95 for your first two boxes, choose two people and two servings. All other combinations are for $30 off the first two boxes then $10-20 off the following three boxes.

Is this deal legit?

Bottom line cost: $19.95 weekly for the first two weeks if purchasing two servings for two people. Increasing servings will add to the price.

When will I be charged? The $19.95 charge will hit your credit card the Friday following your order. When you enter your payment information, it will detail exactly what day you should see a charge.

When will it ship? Your first month’s box will ship depending on the delivery day that you set during the ordering process.

Will I need to cancel? Home Chef is a weekly subscription service. If you don’t want to receive future meal kits, cancel your subscription before 12 p.m. CT on the Friday following your initial order.

To cancel, head over to your account page on the site and click the button that says “Pause subscription.” Then follow the prompts to cancel your subscription.