Giant Food Delivery


Giant Food food delivery is an easy and reliable way to get groceries without leaving your home. If you live somewhere near one of the 170 Giant locations on the East Coast, you're lucky because you can use paper Giant coupons with your delivery order!

Here's what you need to know:

How does Giant Food delivery work?

Giant Grocery Delivery

Place a Giant Food delivery order on the GiantFood website or inside the Giant app and then follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have and are logged into your Giant account — this is how you earn Flexible Rewards


    and save coupons

  • Enter your address to verify you're eligible for Giant Delivery

  • Start shopping — and don't forget to clip digital coupons! (More on what to do with paper coupons below)

  • Select your delivery time slot and pay. Keep in mind your time is not reserved until checkout is complete

  • Make sure you're going to be home when your delivery arrives

Giant Food delivery costs up to $9.95 per order.

All Giant Food delivery orders have include a delivery fee, unless you pay for Giant Pass (more Giant Pass info coming up).

For regular deliveries, the fee is reduced with the more you spend on your order. To get the best value, aim to spend at least $100 on every order, so your delivery fee is the lowest option — $7.95. Be sure to note that the delivery fee amount is based on the cost of groceries added to your cart before you pay for tax or tipping. Here's the delivery fee breakdown:

  • Spend $60-$69: Pay a $9.95 delivery fee

  • Spend $70-$99: Pay a $8.95 delivery fee

  • Spend $100+: Pay a $7.95 delivery fee

You need to spend a minimum of $60 to qualify for grocery delivery.

You won't be able to secure a grocery delivery slot at all until you've added at least $60 worth of groceries to your online cart.

You'll pay the same prices as you would in the store.

Giant doesn't mark up the prices on items for delivery, so go ahead and shop with the confidence that the only extra fee you're paying is the delivery fee (and an optional tip, always appreciated).

If you place more than two Giant delivery orders a month, get a Giant Pass.

When you buy a Giant Pass membership, you can get free delivery on every order over $100 (if you spend less than $100 and you have a Giant Pass, you'll receive a $7.95 credit to your account).

Expect to pay the whole amount up front. If you place as few as two $100+ orders per month, a Giant Pass is worth getting. Two large ($100+) orders a month would cost you $15.90 in delivery fees without a Giant Pass (because you're paying the $7.95 fee for each of those orders). So, even paying for the monthly option at $12.95 per month is worth it.

Even better? Buy the annual pass and get unlimited deliveries for the price of a single delivery! Here are the options for a Giant Pass:

  • One month: $12.95 per month

  • Six months: $69 ($11.50 per month)

  • One year: $99 ($8.25 per month)

You can use digital or paper coupons for your Giant delivery order.

Clip coupons inside the Giant app or at while you're placing your order to get savings off the top.

If you have paper coupons, Giant accepts them for grocery delivery too! Just place your coupons in an envelope and put them in an obvious spot on your doorstep and include your name and grocery order on the outside of the envelope. Paper coupons are credited to your account after your purchase.

The only catch is that you can't stack paper and digital coupons on a single item. So, you can't use a digital manufacturer coupon with a paper store coupon for extra savings on your one bottle of Tide. But, you can use a digital coupon for your Tide and a paper coupon for something else in your order.

Substitutions are automatic, but you can customize your preferences.

When something you ordered is out of stock, Giant will automatically substitute a like item. You can turn off automatic substitutions by going to "Shopping Preferences" in your Giant account. Or you can manage specific substitutions when you tap "Item Detail" — this will give you a chance to indicate a preference for specific item substitutions.

If you want same-day delivery, place your Giant order through Instacart.

Giant does their own deliveries, but it's very hard to get a same-day delivery slot.

Enter, Instacart.

If you absolutely must have your Giant order today, you can place it through Instacart. But, only do this in extreme emergency cases because Instacart marks up the prices of items to cover their costs — for example a gallon of Nature's Promise Whole Organic Milk is $5.99 when you shop through the Giant app. It's $6.99 when you shop through Instacart.

Giant Food Delivery FAQs

Giant food white and purple delivery truck parked in front of a house.

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How does tipping work with a Giant delivery order?

Giant delivery associates accept and appreciate tips! You can indicate your tip amount before you finish placing your Giant delivery order in the app or at

Can I get a paper receipt in addition to my electronic receipt?

Yes! All Giant delivery orders will automatically be issued an electronic receipt to your email address. But you can also indicate that you'd like to get a paper receipt (think: using it to redeem Ibotta offers!) inside your Giant account settings.

What if I'm dissatisfied with my order or missing an item?

Contact Giant Foods customer service at (888) 469-4426 and they'll help you get a replacement and a refund.