How to Coupon at Harris Teeter


Ready to save more at your local Harris Teeter? I've broken down Harris Teeter's coupon policy for you, from in-store shopping to same-day delivery and curbside pickup so you can shop smarter.

1. Sign up for Harris Teeter's e-VIC program for the deals.

Harris Teeter's Very Important Customer (VIC) rewards program notifies customers when certain items go on sale. To become a VIC member, you must do the following:

  1. Go to a Harris Teeter near you and find customer service (this part of the process has to be done in person — I even called and asked)

  2. Show them a valid ID and provide them with an email address to

    join the e-VIC Benefits program (or, if you already have a VIC card, just sign up online)

  3. Get your valid Harris Teeter VIC store card

2. Download the Harris Teeter app to access deals on the go.

Harris Teeter app download screenshots

Once you have an account, you'll want to download the Harris Teeter app. In the app, you can view Harris Teeter's weekly ad and connect your VIC card to unlock savings alerts and e-VIC coupons.

3. Harris Teeter accepts manufacturer, competitor, and digital coupons.

Harris Teeter accepts manufacturer coupons, competitor coupons, internet coupons and digital coupons. So you know, "internet coupons" are just original paper manufacturer coupons found online and printed out, and digital coupons are store and manufacturer coupons available to customers participating in Harris Teeter's e-VIC program.

4. You can use one competitor coupon per day.

If a coupon has "Manufacturer's Coupon" printed on it, Harris Teeter will accept it even if it comes from a competitor store's Catalina coupon machine. However, Harris Teeter won't accept printed paper internet, percent off item, or percent off total coupons from competitors.

It's up to each store's management team to determine which competitor coupons qualify and which ones don't for that store. So, if you're unsure if you can use a competitor coupon on your purchase, just ask to speak to the management.

5. You can use up to three internet coupons per day.

Harris Teeter allows each customer to use up to three printed internet coupons per order, per day, and one manufacturer coupon per scanned item.

6. Look for Harris Teeter's new weekly ad every Wednesday.

Harris Teeter's weekly ad cycle starts every Wednesday through Tuesday. In it, you'll find exclusive e-VIC member prices, like Select Big G 12-18.2-ounce Large Size Cereals for $1.97 with a limit of 8 per customer at the e-VIC price.

7. Harris Teeter's weekly ad prices are the same in-store and online.

Price tag on a shelf, 2 for $5 on Kraft Olive Oil Mayo

The prices in the Harris Teeter weekly ad are the same in-store, online, and on the ExpressLane curbside pickup and same-day delivery platform.

8. Harris Teeter's "Scan Guarantee" can get you free items.

If for some reason an item's price scans higher than the shelf tag or sign, you'll get that item free and any additional items at the scanned price (excluding alcohol or tobacco).

Harris Teeter allows up to five "scan guarantees" per customer. If you exceed that amount, they'll charge you the difference between the shelf tag and the scanned price for that item.

9. Find Harris Teeter BOGO deals on the weekly ad.

You'll also see exclusive store coupons, like BOGO Free or Buy 2 Get 3 Free coupons in the weekly ad as well.

According to Harris Teeter's policy, each item is considered a separate purchase, so you can apply one BOGO coupon per purchased item.

10. Load digital coupons to your VIC card and apply them in store or for online orders.

You can download exclusive e-VIC digital coupons to your VIC card, which are applied automatically to your purchase total before any other discounts or coupons.

11. Double (and triple) coupons at Harris Teeter during Super Doubles events.

That's right. These Super Doubles savings opportunities happen every four-to-six weeks (check your e-VIC emails to confirm), and they're pretty awesome. It works like this:

  • Harris Teeter will accept up to 20 double coupons per customer with a VIC card

  • Harris Teeter will double manufacturer coupons up to $0.99, but the total value can't exceed $1.98 or the entire price of the item (whichever is less)

  • You can double up to three identical manufacturer coupons (additional coupons are honored at face value)

  • You can't double or triple competitor coupons

  • You can't double or triple coupons that state "do not double"

12. You can't double or stack Harris Teeter digital coupons.

Harris Teeter's digital store coupons apply automatically to your total before any paper coupons or discounts are applied. Given that they are digital coupons, you can't double or triple them during Super Doubles events, and you can't stack your digital store coupons with manufacturer coupons.

If you have a digital manufacturer coupon and a paper manufacturer coupon for the same item, the best value will be redeemed at checkout.

13. You can shop ExpressLane with coupons, too.

A man using a self checkout to purchase groceries

ExpressLane online shopping is Harris Teeter's answer to curbside pickup and same-day delivery.

And, yes, you can use coupons on your ExpressLane order, but only digital coupons found on the app or website will apply directly to your ExpressLane curbside or delivery total.

14. Any paper coupons used on your current ExpressLane order will apply to your next purchase.

You can use paper coupons on your curbside or delivery order, but you won't get the discount until your next order. It works like this:

  • You hand your shopper your paper coupons at the time of pickup

  • They will take your coupons and VIC card inside to verify it's you (they can also use your order number to look you up in their system if it's a delivery)

  • Any discounts you get toward your total will be applied on your next order in the form a credit for the amount

So, if you saved $20 on your purchase, the discount will be applied as a $20 credit on your next order. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to see your credits online or in the app, but an associate told me they create a digital note in their system that goes through corporate before it's saved to your account. You'll see the credit applied to your purchase on your printed receipt.

If you're not keen on a credit you can't find and apply on your own, the associate told me there's also an option to get your cash handed to you for the discounted amount for curbside orders, you just have to specify before your shopper rings you up inside.

15. Harris Teeter gives rain checks for out-of-stock items.

You'll get rain checks for items out of stock during coupon promotions for the sale price of the item only with a limit of three (unless otherwise stated in the ad).

You also can't apply paper coupons to rain checks, or combine it with the current sale price of your item.