Ulta Return Policy


Ok, so right off the bat, the Ulta Return Policy is known for being much easier and more lenient than Sephora, in the industry it's even known as being a little too lenient. Bad for brands, good for us. They, like Nordstrom, put the customer's happiness first and really just want to keep things as simple as possible. Let's talk about exactly how simple it is…

1. First thing's first: What is Ulta's Return Policy?

Person holding orange Ulta shopping bag

If you're planning to return something to Ulta, let's get a few details out of the way; Although this return policy is extremely forgiving, the product does need to have all its original components- that means the lid, the pump, the bottle, etc. Which does feel pretty self explanatory. But, good information to have in the back of your mind. As far as packaging goes, that's more up for debate.

2. Ulta return policy without receipt? Don't worry, they'll most likely accept it.

Hand holding The Ordinary skin care products

For in-store returns, you can show the Ulta associate at the store one of these four "receipt" options:

  1. Your confirmation email on your phone

  2. Your

    Ultamate Rewards Member

    number, ID, or phone number

  3. Your Ulta.com account email or phone number

  4. Your online order packing slip

If you don't have access to any of these, you'll still get a refund via store credit. But, as I said before, that's completely up to the ULTA employee helping you, so keep your fingers crossed.

PRO TIP: If you overuse Ulta's flexible "No Receipt" return policy, they have been known to limit future returns. My advice is to sign up for their free Ultamate Rewards program so you never have to worry about losing your receipt again.

3. You can return online items at the store, but not vice versa.

Person standing in checkout line at Ulta

For Ulta.com orders, you have to bring the original email order confirmation, the packing slip (mine was in my box), and all the original packaging materials within 60 days to get a full refund.

I purchased my bottle of The Ordinary online as a guest, so I had to bring my photo I.D. and show the associate my confirmation email on my phone when I went into Ulta.

4. It's up to the store if they'll accept returns without original packaging or tags.

Hand holding lipstick, overtop blush and facial spray on top of an orange Ulta bag

I've done this before.

If you don't have tags or the packaging your product came in, it's up to the Ulta associate if they will accept your return and how they will refund you.

If you wanted to return something you prematurely tossed the box or cut the tags off of, try to do it sooner rather than later — because if the item went on sale since you bought it, you'd only get the current sale price as credit.

5. Ulta includes a return packing slip for all of its online orders.

Hand holding a box of The Ordinary skin care product and an online Ulta order receipt.

If you buy something from Ulta.com, they'll include a return shipping slip with Ulta's Returns Center address in your box.

This should make the Ulta return process by mail easy right? Yes and no. It's semi-easy, but it'll cost you. If you don't return your order in store, you'll have to pay $7.65 - $18.30 or more for return shipping.

PRO TIP: If your online order doesn't come with a packing slip for some reason, find your "Order Number" in your confirmation email, and then call Ulta's Customer Service (866) 983-8582. They will send you a replacement packing slip within 48 hours.

6. Ulta's return policy requires you to pay for your own return shipping.

Hand holding UPS Express Pad Pak padded envelope in UPS drop off box

If you choose to mail anything back to Ulta's Return Center, you'll have to pay for the shipping label out-of-pocket and follow more than a few steps — unlike most of their competitors.

I didn't have time to go in store, so I shipped back my bottle of The Ordinary by mail. These are the steps I followed:

  1. Fill out the back of your packing slip (mine came in my box)

  2. Bring your box and return slip to

    your local UPS


    USPS location

  3. Provide the carrier employee with the return slip to print out your return label

  4. Pay for your return shipping

After all that work, I got to Step 4 and realized it'd cost me $7.65 to ship my small box back to Ulta's Returns Center. So, I took my $5.90 bottle of The Ordinary to the store instead.

Find your local UPS or USPS carrier locations.

7. You can't return Ulta in Target Purchases to Ulta Beauty Stores, those must be returned to Target.

Ulta checkout counter with card reader showing purchase

Lastly, some of you may or may have shopped at an Ulta in Target, others may just now be hearing of it, but something really important to note is the fact that if you buy something from an Ulta in Target, it must be returned to target- not Ulta. Target's return policy is totally different, so definitely take a peek at their specific return policy before shopping.