1. Stop kids from rolling off the bed.

2. Cover trampoline springs.

3. Keep the shape of tall boots.

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4. Hold brushes while painting.

5. Protect car doors.

Attach a 1″ x 2″ board to your garage wall and wrap it with a pool noodle that has been sliced in half.

6. Make a floating cooler.

Cut pool noodles to fit the sides of a plastic container, then string a rope through and tie tightly. I like to leave a portion of the string hanging away from the cooler so I can tie it to my pool recliner.


7. Stop doors from slamming shut.

8. Prevent creases in pants.

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9. Create bath toys.

10. Organize and store extension cords.




10 Ridiculously Amazing Ways to Repurpose a Pool Noodle