1. Create a custom play mat.

2. Make an art smock for kids.

Protecting your child’s clothing for cheap starts with trimming a long, rectangular section from an old shower curtain liner (make sure it’s big enough to cover at least the front of your child’s clothing). Then, cut a hole that’s just large enough to slip over your child’s head. To help your child’s new smock stay on, cut a “belt” from the remaining liner and tie it around his or her waist.

3. Use it as a drop cloth.

4. Catch crumbs under a high chair.

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5. Play tic-tac-toe in the yard.

Make a reusable tic-tac-toe board with an old liner, duct tape, and frisbees. If you only have one frisbee, just toss plastic picnic plates instead!

6. Keep a picnic blanket free of grass stains and dew.

7. Keep a sleeping bag clean and dry when camping.

8. Make a mini pool at the beach.

The key here is keeping the sides of the pool as vertical as possible (make walls, not slopes). Once enough sand has been scooped out to comfortably fit your child, line the pool with a plastic shower curtain, secure the edges of the liner by covering it with sand, and fill with ocean water.

9. Prevent oil stains on a driveway when making car repairs.


10. Accident-proof a mattress.

11. Contain trimmings when pruning bushes.

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11 Incredible Ways to Reuse a Shower Curtain Liner