1. Keep food cold on a picnic.

Add ice to a shower cap then place a bowl filled with cold food like pasta salad in the cap, allowing the elastic to stretch over the sides to create an ice-box effect. Your food should stay cool for hours!


2. Use it as a travel dog bowl.


3. Catch any drips when watering an indoor plant.


4. Help seedlings stay warm and moist.

Cover seedlings in their starters with a shower cap so moisture and heat won’t escape.



5. Protect shoes from mud or paint.

Slip shower caps over shoes before heading out into the mud or before painting.


6. Stop dust from settling on clothes.

Poke a hole in the center of a shower cap, then slip it over a hanger to keep dust from settling on the shoulders of shirts.


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7. Protect a tablet from getting messy while cooking.

Use a clear shower cap over your tablet to prevent food splatters and messy fingerprints on your screen.



8. Prevent dust from getting in a KitchenAid bowl when not in use.


9. Cover leftovers.


10. Cover cut melons.


11. Keep bike seats dry.


12. Separate shoes from clothes when traveling.


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12 Surprising Shower Cap Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier