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13 Weird Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Mail

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Eugene S., one of my local letter carriers has seen and delivered some strange things throughout his routes: a sword, a roll of bubble wrap, a brick, and a plastic horse’s head…when he told me, I couldn’t believe it! First thought that ran through my head: my kids are gonna freak. out. (in the happiest of ways) if I send them something weird like that as a gift. So I dug a little deeper…. Check out these 13 weird things you can totally stick in the mail!


1. Mail a potato to a friend (or foe).

That’s right! You can order a raw potato! It’s a memorable gag gift for the person that already has everything already. Each potato mailer costs $9.99, and depending on the weight (which varies), first class shipping can go up to $4.


2. Send a unique shower invitation in a baby bottle…or diaper.

Ditch those boring, traditional party invitations and send one in a baby bottle, diaper, or even send beach-themed wedding invitations encased in a wine bottle. You can buy the DIY kits and mail them yourself, or go through a full service that handles the mailing for you.


3. Design and send a piñata-gram.

Design and send a piñata-gram.

Via Amazon

Create the most amazing love note or super fun birthday piñata! Studio DIY shows you how to design the cutest heart-shaped piñata or candy-stuffed donkey piñata that could easily double as a party invite!



4. Use natural materials to send a non-traditional letter.

Use natural materials to send a non-traditional letter.


My grandfather went fishing at Lake Erie years ago and sent home letters to family wrapped in the white bark from the birch trees at his campsite. He rolled them up like scrolls and secured them with twine before mailing. These are some of our most cherish heirlooms now that he’s passed away.


5. Send a Hula-Hoop.

A contestant in the 2014 Ripley’s Strange Mail contest successfully mailed a Hula-Hoop! Imagine the amounts of giggles and glee you’ll be giving by sending a Hula-Hoop to an unsuspecting friend or kid in your life.


6. Mail an inflated balloon.

While inflated and unwrapped balloons are much too delicate to be mailed successfully, testers at Improbable Research were denied shipping balloons on the grounds it was “transportation of helium; not wrapped.” However, you can order balloon-grams complete with streamer, confetti, and glitter from BonBon Balloons, or DIY one in a Flat Rate Priority Box.


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7. Stick a few stamps on a box of candy.

Theater-size boxes of candy are a sweet way to send birthday or “thinking of you” wishes. The boxes are already marked with the weight, so just put on an address label and appropriate postage before mailing! Be sure not to send melty candy–like chocolates—in hot weather. The chocolate could leak out and damage postal machinery.


8. Write on and send a squishy AniMail.

Pick from two pages of super cute animals for $9.99, write your message with a permanent marker, and mail to your favorite little one for around $3 postage.


9. Toss a Frisbee into the mail.

Here’s a perfect invite for BBQs or summer birthday parties. Your friends and family will get a kick out of finding a bright Frisbee in their mailbox. Decorate them up with stickers or colored permanent markers, and send them on their way!



10. Have a rubber ball delivered.

Unlike delicate balloons, thick plastic bouncy balls can be shipped fully inflated if labeled and properly stamped. Their light weight shouldn’t cost you a pretty penny either when you send it—only about $2!


11. Fold an origami letter and stick a stamp on it.

Origami is always fun and interesting to do. You can even find special origami papers in gorgeous patterns at big name craft stores. Write your message, pick a fold design, and mail. YouTube has multiple instructional tutorials as well!


12. Give a wooden postcard that turns into a toy.

These lightweight wood veneer postcards pop out into fun little toys. They come in many shapes from airplanes, dinosaurs, elephants, dragonflies and more. With a weight of about one ounce each, shipping rates will be minimal depending on where you’re sending it.


13. Mail an exotic coconut message.

Mail an exotic coconut message.

Via imgur

For $24.99 (including shipping), you can have a hand-picked and painted coconut mailed from Kaua’i, Hawaii with your favorite photo, lucky fortune, or special message written on it. It’s a memorable message they’ll never forget.

Note: While most things that fall within postal regulations for weight, size, and content can be mailed unboxed, if you want to mail something other than a regular enveloped or boxed item–and ensure your item will be delivered undamaged and intact–you’ll probably want to safely package it up. USPS workers are excellent at handling your mail and have a great customer mailing guide to help you explore your mailing options. You can also bring your items to The UPS Store and they’ll help you with anything you need.


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