Want an easy way to always save an extra 5–10% on every purchase? If you’ve not tried this savings tip, take a second look! Paying a higher return than any credit card on the market, pre-purchased, discounted gift cards can save you up to 25% on purchases at every major retailer in the country. January is the top performing month for gift card websites like Cardpool.com, GiftCards.com, GiftCardGranny.com, Raise.com and others! When supply is high, competition leads to deeper discounts. Shop second-hand, holiday gift cards in January for the best prices all year!

I’ve been saving up for a dining table from Restoration Hardware for ten months. Every month I add my coupon savings to a separate bank account and after ten months, I nearly have the money to purchase the table when it goes on sale. It’s still so expensive, I’m embarrassed to say it out loud. At any rate, the table is on sale and I have a 10% off coupon, which I purchased on eBay for about $12. Over the last two weeks, I purchased two gift cards totaling over $1000 for an average of 13% off! After all is said and done, I’ll be saving around 40% off on a rarely discounted item.

For some, giving discounted gift cards is a sneaky way to gift affordably. Others may be skipping coupons for the ease of discounted gift cards. Me? I’m using discounted gift cards as one more strategy to tally up my savings and afford the things that used to make the veins in my husband’s forehead pop out. He may not share my taste for Restoration Hardware, but the less I pay for it, the prettier it gets!


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