Those cute little K-Cups. They mean convenience. They mean fast. They mean caffeine. They mean expensive!

This fantastic New York Times article from February breaks down the average cost of brewing from K-cups at home.
Here’s the shocker: coffee drinkers are paying $50 for a pound of Folger’s in K-cups. No sane person, let alone a Krazy Coupon Lady, would pay $50 a pound for Folger’s coffee. I’d be hard-pressed to spend a nickel (snark alert!)

The author, Oliver Strand, explains the rise in prices is likely due to a generational shift. Boomers consider the price of coffee by the can. Gens X, Y and, um, Z, consider price by the cup — these days $1.75 to $4.25.

Even though they’re pricey, the National Coffee Association says single-serve coffee is now the second most popular way to a cup after traditional drip.

So how can you keep the convenience of the Keurig without the budget of The Donald? Percolate on these tips:

Register your Keurig: Get two free boxes (when you buy two). Register your Keurig here.

Buy a Reusable K-cup: Use ground coffee by the pound to fill a reusable K-cup over and over.  Amazon has two popular options, each less than $15. Option 1 and Option 2.

Make Your Own: Get K-cup supplies here. Just provide the coffee!

Reuse an Existing K-cup: Don’t throw a used K-cup away. Wash, dry and refill with ground coffee. Top with a My-Kap (buy here). A cheaper option? Cover the top with tin foil. Directions here. Find the best deals on Keurig cups. The site scours Staples to Amazon to specialty sites. What I like is the breakdown of price per cup (which lets me know when I'm in my frugal zone). There are even links to free samples.

Use Amazon's "Subscribe & Save": Use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option to get auto-delivery, free shipping, and a product discount, and lock in a price you can live with. Cancel anytime.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Bed, Bath, and Beyond routinely offers coupons for $5 off a $15 purchase and 20 percent off any one item in store. These come via mail in their store circular and as stand-alone coupons. Get them electronically. Sign up here. After signing up, get coupons nearly every month. The store also accepts expired coupons. The store also offers free shipping on K-cups.

Use your Discover Card: Discover Card holders know the joys of the cashback bonus award. Redeem with a partner gift card: in this case a $25 card to Bed, Bath and Beyond for just $20 cashback dollars. Or redeem the bonus directly for products, including K-Cups by Starbucks, Celestial Seasonings, Green Mountain and more, all with free shipping. Log in here.

That Keurig may have cost a pretty penny; now keep it running for less.

 This has been a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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Brew Savvy: Save on Expensive Keurig K-Cups