I can admit it. I love butter. I don't think it's a coincidence that the word itself is one wee letter away from the word "better." Because what's better than a fresh roll with a slather of fresh, real butter on top? But if there is one thing better than butter itself, it's all the less-known uses this spectacular spread has!

1. Prevent boil-overs

No need to bother buying "pot-watchers." Just add a little dollop of butter to your pot to keep boil-overs at bay (about half a teaspoon for a saucepan of water)!

2. Slice sticky foods with ease

The expression "like a hot knife through butter" could easily be changed to "like a buttered knife through ______ (insert the name of a sticky, hard-to-cut food!)”. Don't reduce another brownie to a raggedy glob; just butter up your knife and slice right through for a beautiful cut!

3. Make snow-shoveling a cinch

Shoveling show is enough of a workout without having to stop and scrape frozen, piled-up snow off your shovel. Next time there's a blizzard, grease your shovel with butter before heading into the storm. The snow will slide right off!

4. Deep-condition your hair

Whether you've run out of conditioner in a pinch, or just want to give yourself a special deep condition, butter can help! The amino acids in butter will do wonders for limp, lackluster hair. Just finger-comb softened butter through your hair, let it sit for about five minutes, then rinse out with warm water. Hello, glossy-haired vixen!

5. Preserve leftovers

Tired of the end of your cheese going moldy in the fridge? Rub a little butter on the cut end of your hard cheeses and wrap them tight in plastic wrap to keep them lasting significantly longer! Whenever you cut off a new section of the cheese, rub a little more butter on. The high-fat, low-water content of the butter will keep mold at bay.

6. Pamper your nails

Cuticles looking a little worse for the wear? Do your nails crack easily? Strengthen your nails and smooth out your cuticles by applying a layer of butter to your fingertips, donning some cotton gloves, and letting it sit overnight. Apply this treatment once a week for spa-smooth cuticles and stronger nails!

7. Get a silky smooth shave

Sure, shaving with butter is a joke from Seinfeld. But it really works! Make sure to use unsalted butter (if you cut yourself, the salted variety makes for a sharp sting). Just soften the butter, rub a thin layer on your legs, and let it sit for a few minutes before shaving. Not only will you get a super smooth shave, but your skin will be super soft afterward! Just rinse with warm water.

8. Restore watermarked wood floors

Have unsightly water spots on a wood floor? Greatly improve the look and health of your floor by rubbing unsalted butter into the damaged area and letting it sit overnight. In the morning, wipe up the excess butter and admire the new luster! The fatty acids in butter replenish moisture in the wood.

9. Minimize bruising and skin irritation

Don't love the idea of putting a slab of steak on a bruise (hello, salmonella and…ew)? The phosphates in butter will minimize bruising just like a steak, but without the yuck-factor (or the expense of a small pat of butter versus a steak)! Butter also soothes and repairs skin that has been irritated (by a burn or chafing). Rub butter generously and gently onto the affected skin twice a day and cover with a bandage for soothed skin and quicker healing.

10. Cut through odors

Mix equal parts baking soda with butter to get rid of yucky odors that linger (fish, garlic and onions to name a few!). Just mix the two ingredients into a paste, then rub on hands and rinse with warm water. Odor be gone!

11. Remove gum from hair

It's a rite of passage for every parent. The deer-in-the-headlights stare of a child who has just realized that gum goes on hair a lot easier than it comes off. Gum repels water but is attracted to oils. When gum is stuck in dry hair, the oils in butter get in between the hair and the gum and make the gum stiffer, less sticky and easier to slide off. Make sure you coat the gum completely with the butter, then just keep working it into the gum/hair until it slides off.


This is a guest post by Noelle from Boise, ID. 

Butter Up! 11 Unexpected Uses for Butter