Need a simple way to add a little fun to your kitchen or bathroom? Try making your own bronze soap bottle and personalize it with your initial. It’s easy to do and adds a personal element to home decor.

 Materials Needed:

  • Soap Bottle. The one in the picture is a Dawn Foaming Soap Bottle, but any soap bottle would work.
  • Bronze Spray Paint. Hobby Lobby has a great bronze spray paint that is around $3.50 after using a coupon from Hobby Lobby. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby try Michaels or JoAnn Crafts.
  • Embellishments (letters, ribbon, buttons, etc.).


  1. Remove stickers and glue from the bottle. This will allow the paint to go on smoother and easier.
  2. Spray paint the bottle. It will take a couple coats.
  3. Add embellishments such as a monogram, ribbon or beads. This is optional, but it is easy to customize the bottle for a unique look.

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