Are headbands slowly taking over your bathroom? Need a simple storage solution? Look no further! Make this easy holder out of an empty oatmeal container. It makes a cute place to store all those headbands. Plus, open up the lid and store hair bows inside!

Materials Needed:

  • Empty oatmeal container
  • Scrapbook paper (12X12 works best)
  • Hot glue


  1. Measure scrapbook paper to fit around the container (trim if needed)
  2. Glue onto container

Tip: You may need to put something heavy inside the container to keep it weighed down. Another idea is to glue the container onto a small, wide candlestick. If you go with this idea, you can keep bows, clips, and other accessories inside of the container.

DIY Storage Solutions: Easy to Make Headband Holder!