I think all of us have a sweater or two lurking in our closets that we have outgrown or grown tired of. This is a fun project to give those neglected sweaters a new life! If you don't have any that you’re ready to cut up yet, your local thrift store likely has plenty to choose from. And while you’re there, look around for some fun and different-shaped vases, candle holders or glasses (and you may already have some these in your cupboards!).

Materials Needed:

  • An old sweater, any size (those with different knitted patterns or designs will really make your finished vases look great)
  • Various glass containers
  • Hot glue


1. Take a look at your sweater and decide which parts would look best on your containers. For example, on the little square candle holder, I used the cuff of one of the sleeves. It fit perfectly, and all I did was glue it in place. I also loved the look of the buttons on the larger vase.

2. Cut out your sweater pieces to fit your containers. Leave a small overlap of an inch or two on top to wrap over the top edge. Also leave enough extra to allow a seam allowance around the circumference.

3. Turn the sweater inside out and wrap around the glass.

4. Using pins, attach the edges of the sweater together around the circumference of the vase, following the shape of the container. The pins will mark the line that you will need to sew.

5. Take the sweater off the vase, leaving the pins in place.

6. Sew a seam (with a sewing machine or by hand) following the line of your pins.

7. Remove the pins, flip your sweater right-side-out again, and slip it over the vase.

8. Line up the bottom of the sweater with the bottom of the glass and secure in place with hot glue.

9. Wrap the top of the sweater over the top of the vase and glue it in place on the inside the vase. You’re done!

DIY: Sweater Vases