Did you know dryer sheets can make your life easier well beyond the laundry room?

Here’s what else they can do:


1. Sharpen scissors.


2. Keep old books from smelling like… well, old books.


3. De-squeak your new shoes.

Are your new rubber-soled shoes squeaking all over the office? Rub the bottoms with a dryer sheet.


4. Replace air fresheners in your car.

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Instead of buying air fresheners, set dryer sheets under your seats or set one in the vent.



5. Get rid of hard water stains on a shower door.


6. Use as a canvas for embroidered art.


7. Remove stubborn toilet rings.

Grab some cheap rubber gloves from the dollar store, and scrub toilet rings with a dryer sheet. The stain should come off pretty easily!


8. Keep extra sheets and pillowcases fresh.

When you fold up extra sheets and pillowcases, tuck a new dryer sheet in between the folds for fresh-smelling sheets when you use them next.


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9. Set in a toilet paper roll for a fresh-smelling bathroom.


10. Protect Christmas ornaments in storage.



11. Remove dust off blinds, baseboards and furniture.


12. Get gunk off your iron.

Turn your iron on the lowest heat setting, and let it warm up. Then lay a dryer sheet out flat on your ironing board, and gently rub the iron over it. Voila! The dryer sheet will capture the gunk and leave your iron clean.


13. Remove pet hair from your house and wardrobe.



14. Get smudges and fingerprints off any glass surface.


15. Clean water spots off chrome.


16. Quickly clean paint brushes.


Soak paint brushes in warm water with a dryer sheet, and watch the paint come right off!


17. Remove dead insects off your car.

I carry a small stack of dryer sheets in my glove compartment.


18. Line your garbage can to keep it smelling fresh.


19. Freshen up your gym bag.


20. Keep your thread knot free.

Sometimes thread can get tangled while you are stitching up a hole or tear. Dryer sheets can tame even the unruliest threads. After you thread your needle, pull the thread through a dryer sheet. Now your thread will behave nicely from start to finish.


21. Tame frizzy, static hair.


22. Deodorize furniture.

To deodorize smelly furniture, I like to dissolve a teaspoon or two of baking soda in a cup of water. I dip the dryer sheet into the baking soda water and gently scrub my stinky furniture. After allowing it to dry completely, I vacuum the baking soda from the upholstery.


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23. Wipe away deodorant stains.


24. Clean your lint trap.

Just be sure that you use a used dryer sheet — fresh ones can leave behind a residue that might eventually clog the filter screen.


25. Repel mosquitos.

Bounce dryer sheets effectively get rid of mosquitos due to the substances that make up the material — substances like citronella and linalool, which can be found in lavender and basil.


26. Keep your suitcase smelling fresh when you travel.


27. Clean gunk off your straightener or curling iron.

Turn your straightener on the lowest setting, and run a dryer sheet over the gunky parts of your straightener or curling iron.


28. Polish stainless steel.

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29. Freshen up the air vents in each room.


30. Keep your vacuum bag fresh.

Stick a dryer sheet or two in the bag, and whenever you vacuum, your room will smell fresh.


31. Put a dryer sheet in a greasy pan with water for a no-scrub clean.

Fill the pan with warm soapy water, and set a dryer sheet in the bottom. Let it soak overnight, and the next day it should wipe clean!


32. Use it as a fire starter.

Place used dryer sheets and dryer lint in the inside of an old paper towel or toilet paper roll. Pinch each end to keep the materials inside, and use to easily start a fire.


33. Mask stinky diaper smell.

Throw some dryer sheets in your diaper bag to wrap around a dirty diaper to keep it from smelling until you can throw it away.


34. Swiffer alternative if you run out of pads.

Use a couple layers, but you’ll see how good dryer sheets are at picking up dirt, dust and hair off the floor.


35. Keep the soil from falling out of a pot.


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