As a homeowner, I take pride in my home and try to keep it looking as best I can. I plant flowers each season, keep the grass mowed and even wash the windows every few weeks. However, it seems as though my efforts to beautify my house are often foiled by large, unattractive grease stains in the driveway! Fortunately, you can eliminate these stains by using something you may not have expected—kitty litter! Due to the fact that kitty litter is made from clay or silica, two extremely absorbent materials, it can work wonders to absorb oil. To eliminate fresh grease stains in your driveway, pour a thick layer of cat litter over the area and allow it to sit overnight. Once the litter has sat for at least 24 hours, simply sweep it up. If the oil stains are not completely gone, repeat the process and then rinse the area with hot water. Just remember to sweep up all of the cat litter when you’re done. After all, you don’t want the neighborhood cats turning your driveway into their personal litter box!

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