Although I love being a homeowner, there are a few headaches that I hate dealing with. Rodents, unfortunately, are at the top of that list. Not only have I had moles digging holes all over my yard, but I’ve also had to deal with mice and rats in my backyard as well as in my attic. The worst part about dealing with these furry fiends? The expense that comes with them! In fact, exterminators can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well into the thousands depending on the extent of infestation. However, there’s actually a cheap, simple and humane way to keep those critters at bay—cat litter! Not only do rodents such as moles and mice loathe the smell, but it alerts them to the fact that a predator is in the area, making used cat litter an extremely effective remedy. To get rid of unwanted critters, first try to locate any mouse holes or areas where they could be living or entering your home. Next, fill a few small containers with used cat litter and place them in these areas. Be sure not to cover the litter, as it will lessen the smell and decrease the effectiveness. If you’re dealing with moles, simply pour the litter directly in the holes and then cover it with soil. Once the creatures get a whiff of the urine-scented litter they’ll scurry off to a neighbor’s yard to find a new home!


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