We all know gardening is a great way to be frugal.

Growing your own fruits and veggies means lower grocery costs and fewer trips to the store to pick up a vegetable you need for dinner. Plus, there's no denying that all fruits and veggies taste better when they're fresh.

Unfortunately, all that great savings comes to an end when summer comes to a close, but there are actually a few vegetables you can grow all year long, regardless of your climate, space constraints or green thumb!

Green onions grow fast, and all they need is a little water and a lot of light. With very little effort, you can have a steady supply of green onions, grown right in your kitchen! They add an extra kick to almost any dish, so they're great to have on hand (especially when they're free!)

The next time you pick up a bunch or two of green onions at the grocery store, don't discard the white ends after you've used up all the greens. Instead, stick the white root end into a glass with an inch or two of water then place it in a sunny window. Make sure to trim most of the green end off before you place it in the water, or they'll just get droopy!

Within a day or two, you'll notice the green shoots starting to regrow, and the roots in the water getting longer. In less than a week, they'll be back to their original size, and you can just trim off as much as you need, whenever you need it.  In fact, the onions grow so fast I sometimes find myself trimming them back when I don't need any, just because they've gotten so tall!

Not only is this a useful little "kitchen garden," it also makes a pretty little plant to sit on your windowsill. The best part, though, is knowing you'll never have to buy green onions again!

This has been a guest post by Whitney from Lancaster, OH
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I'll Never Pay Again: One Simple Way to Free Green Onions