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Planting a garden is good for your health and your wallet!  But after all your toil, nothing is more upsetting than seeing your crop eaten up or mangled by pests. Here are some natural, unexpected household items to keep the pests at bay.

Panty Hose

Panty hose have endless uses in the garden. Stretch a pair of panty hose over your baby tomato plants to keep birds, squirrels and other animals out of them. You can pull a pair over almost any small fruit, vegetable or small wire cage to keep the bugs away.  Pantyhose are versatile!  They’re also helpful in preventing ground rot in melons!  Slide a newly-formed melon into the foot of one of your old nylons, then tie the other end to a stake so that the melon is hanging just above the ground as it grows.

Egg Shells

Instead of tossing your egg shells into the trash, how about you throw them in the garden? They keep deer and elk from snacking on your plants. You don't even have to worry about crushing them up first if you don't want to. Crushed or halved–it doesn't matter. They have the added benefit of making a lovely fertilizer.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is great for keeping bugs, especially ants, away from your garden. Simply sprinkle the spicy stuff on top of the dirt in your garden. You will have to add more on a regular basis as watering will wash it away. If you have a dog that rejoices in digging up your garden the cayenne should help stop his busy paws from ruining your hard work. It helps keep cats from using your garden as their own personal litter box, as well.

Dish Soap

A dish soap and water solution sprayed over your plants is the perfect way to keep aphids away. In a clean spray bottle mix 1 part dish soap to 10 parts water. Spray it over your plants, and the aphids will go find their lunches elsewhere. A small amount of dish soap will not harm your plants or anyone who eats them.

With just a few items we’ve all got at home, you can protect your garden for a fraction of the cost of buying specially prepared pesticides!

4 Natural Remedies to keep Pests out of the Garden