Seeing the mirrored bench in a previous Knockoffs made me stop and think. What other X-style ottomans are out there, hidden among all the dining chairs, benches, and stools? So I decided to take a look. Turns out, there are a lot of them!

Start with this lovely Arteriors Tennyson Plum Linen stool with nickel studs. Sold by Zin Door, this cushioned bench is currently priced at $720.00, thankfully with free shipping. But if you can go a little darker in color, has a really nice knockoff. The Dante X-Bench Purple Ottoman is just $188.99 with free shipping.

Savings: $531.01 or 74%

This simply woven bench could be cute in any sunny location in the house. Garnet Hill sells their Sweater-Weave Seagrass Cross Bench for $398.00, with an additional $18.95 shipping and a $28.95 surcharge. Again, provides us with a nice little wicker knockoff. Their Safavieh Manor Natural Wicker X-Bench sells for just $127.79 with free shipping. Same appeal, different material base.

Savings: $318.11 or 71%

The Pietro Leather Ottoman is both sleek and sophisticated. Linens n' Things sells it for $399.00 with free shipping. But if you look at's knockoff, you'll see that while they add stability to the slightly larger bench with a cross piece on each side, they cut the price by over half. The Milano Black Leather Ottoman sells for $164.99. With free shipping, that saves you a total of 59% on this beautiful piece.

Savings: $234.01 or 59%

And then we have the elegant X-Base Bench-Vanity Stool sold by Crate & Barrel. This beautiful bench with smooth wood and fabric seat sells for $349.00 with 10% shipping, or an additional $34.90. But the Traditional Cross Legs White Linen Bench Ottoman at not only gives you the same classic lines and sleek look, they also sell their knockoff version for $141.99 with free shipping.

Savings: $241.91 or 63%

Knockout Knockoffs: X-Style Ottomans