So, every year all the big tech companies get together in Vegas to show off their newest stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 — but sometimes, unexpected vendors show up and blow everybody away.

Procter & Gamble — the folks behind Bounty, Downy, Tide, Olay and a bunch more products — made a splash with its first appearance at CES by weaving tech into personal care products.

Here’s some of the coolest stuff:


1. Gillette Self-Heating Razor

Don’t worry, it won’t burn your legs (or face) — sensors inside this otherwise normal-looking shaver keep it from getting too hot.

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2. Oral-B Genius X Toothbrush

Ever thought to yourself, “I wish my toothbrush had artificial intelligence”? Me, neither.

But the Genius X analyzes how you brush and coaches you on how to do better — and that’s a good thing. It’s less humiliating than hearing it at the dentist’s office.

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3. DS3 Soap

P&G says their new, specially engineered soap uses less water, and could save 800 million gallons of water every day.

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4. Airia Home Fragrance Device

Use a mobile app to rock this device, which is designed to send custom levels of scent throughout your home.


5. Olay Skin Advisor

This has been out for a year now, but they’re upgrading this tech to provide even better skincare advice to its more than 5 million visitors (so far). Take some selfies, let the A.I. analyze them, and follow the advice — driven by more than 50,000 algorithms.


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What kind of tech would you like to see enter personal care products?


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