We all know that bug bites are extremely irritating, but what’s even more irritating is having to shell out $6 or $8 for a bottle of anti-itch lotion! Thankfully there’s no need—just go to your medicine cabinet and grab some aspirin! The salicylic acid has been shown to tackle redness, inflammation and bacteria growth, and it works wonders on bug bites. Just wet the affected area and rub an aspirin on the spot. If you prefer, you can also make a paste by crushing up the aspirin and mixing it with water. Apply this to the bite and cover the area with a bandage for the night. When you wake up, the bite should be smaller, and you should be free of the itch! And this trick isn’t just for bug bites—it also works on bee stings!

Soothe Irritating Bug Bites with Aspirin!