The top two places to find manufacturer coupons regularly are in the newspaper (usually through a subscription) and online via manufacturer sites or blogs like The Krazy Coupon Lady.

But there are way more places to find some of the rarest high-value coupons, and you’d be surprised at how often they’re dismissed. Pay attention to these overlooked resources — it could save you…BIG TIME.


1. Free Samples

Reach out to manufacturers to order free samples (start with these 32 Best Internet Freebies You Can Request Right Now). Requesting them is easy; just head to your favorite manufacturers’ websites and Facebook. You may have to fill out a short form or download their app.


2. Manufacturer Rewards Programs

Join manufacturer rewards programs like Kellogg’s Family Rewards and Driscoll’s where you can earn points every time you purchase one of their products. Then redeem those points for high-value coupons.

Bonus: Driscoll’s will send you coupons just for joining!


3. Special-Request Manufacturer Coupons

It pays to go straight to the manufacturer — especially when you want more free coupons. Simply click on the “Contact Us” link on your favorite brands’ websites and write a short email requesting coupons.

When I did this, I got a bunch of free-product and high-value offers. Check out these 16 Companies That Will Send You Free High-Value Coupons to get started.


4. Inside Magazines

Womans’ Day and Better Homes & Gardens are just a couple magazines that offer coupons. When you’re standing in line at checkout, be sure to scan the pages of these publications to determine if it’s worth buying a copy.



5. Store Clubs and Programs

Check if your local grocery and drugstore have store clubs and programs. For instance, Publix has free baby and pet clubs. Signing up for both will get you exclusive savings and coupons. CVS has a free beauty club, which also gets you access to makeup and store coupons.


6. Monthly Retailer Coupon Books

Always, always check near the entrance of a store for a monthly coupon book. Drugstores, Whole Foods, Publix, and more retailers release a savings book full of coupons each month. Most of the time, you can use manufacturer coupons on top of any store coupon offers for bigger savings.


7. Weekly Ads

A lot of grocery stores have monthly flyers on top of the regular weekly ads. These flyers typically have coupons and deals. If you can’t find your store’s ad, ask at the customer service desk.


8. Coffee Shops

Stop by your local coffee shops and fast food joints on Sundays. Most coffee shops and restaurants get the Sunday newspaper for customers to read and often just discard the coupon inserts. Ask if you can have them.


9. Shopping Bags

A lot of retailers will stuff a coupon in your bag along with your purchase to entice you to come back and shop again. Before recycling any bags, always double check for offers!


10. The Library

Your local library gets the Sunday newspaper, but what do they do with the coupon insert? Ask, and perhaps you’ll receive some free savings.


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11. In-Store Sample Stations

Don’t just grab your free sample and leave. Stop and talk to the sample-station attendant and take a close look at what’s being offered. Often, you’ll get a coupon along with your free snack.


12. Gas Stations

Ask at gas stations if you can have the unsold inserts from their newspapers. Most of the time the gas stations only have to give the first page of the unsold paper back to the carrier.



13. The Dumpster

This one may not be for everyone, but it’s a way to score coupons that others have thrown out!


14. Loyalty Card Scanners

Some retailers — like CVS — have coupon machines that will spew out coupons whenever you scan your loyalty card. These coupons are always store coupons, but often you can stack manufacturer coupons to score free products.


15. Mailers

If you don’t already receive Valpak‘s blue envelope full of coupons, sign up for it — it’s free.

Also, when you sign up for a store loyalty program, always fill out your profile information. Doing this will increase your chances of receiving special store mailers with valuable coupons.


16. Product Packaging

Check the outside and inside of cereal boxes and other packaged foods for coupons. Most of the time it will state on the outside of the box if there are coupons inside. Other times, you’ll find peelies (adhesive coupons) stuck right on the package.


17. Tear Pads & Blinkies

This may seem obvious to some, but for many, tear-pad coupons and blinkies (coupons that pop out of a little dispenser with a blinking light) are simply advertisements that should be ignored. Definitely don’t ignore these coupons! They’re often high-value and can only be found in retailer shopping aisles.


18. Hangtags

Hangtags are coupons or rebate forms that are attached to the necks of bottles, jars, and other products — so be on the lookout!


19. Abandoned Online Shopping Carts

Online retailers really want you to buy from their website. When you leave items in your online shopping cart, some stores (like these 7 retailers) will even send you an email asking you to complete your purchase, and in that email, you’ll often find a nice coupon to persuade you.

But you gotta go all the way through to the payment screen before abandoning your cart. Also, make sure you’re a registered user of the site so the merchant has your email address.


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19 Overlooked Places to Find Some of the Best Coupons