I love finding coupons for items I plan to buy anyway.

These 25 websites reward you in just a click or two by offering coupons (some are up to $5 off in value!), special offers, giveaways, and fun contests.

If you know of other great websites that offer personal care coupons, please share them with everyone in the “comments” section!

1. Crest/Oral-B

Get coupons in several ways on the Crest/Oral-B tooth care website.

2. Aquafresh

Get plenty of coupons just by visiting the Aquafresh website and entering your email address.

3. Listerine

Want to save a dollar or more on your next Listerine purchase? Visit the website! You can also visit Johnson & Johnson's Healthy Essentials websites for more high-value coupons on everything from moisturizer to pain relievers to allergy medicines to eye care products.

4. Culturelle

Probiotics do a tummy good—and help to ward off sickness and allergies.

5. Pampers

Find great rewards, deals, samples, and coupons by visiting the Pampers website.

6. Advil

From headaches to muscle aches to strains and sprains, Advil has the coupons to ease your pain.

7. Colgate

The Colgate-Palmolive family of products is always eager to share special offers and coupons with loyal customers!

8. Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer is a household name for many today, and they keep customer loyalty strong by regularly offering high-value coupons and special offers.

9. Febreeze

Febreeze has revolutionized the air freshener marketplace, and you can nab great coupons right now on the website.

10. Olay

Find coupons, free samples, and more at the Olay website.

11. Glad

The Glad Products Company offers lots of ways to save, including coupons and contests.

12. SC Johnson & Co.

SC Johnson is the parent company for Off!, Pledge, Raid, Kiwi, Windex, Glade, and other staples.

13. Covergirl

Covergirl is famous for their celebrity spokesmodels (Katy Perry is the latest), but also for their special offers.

14. Mederma

If you’re working to minimize scars from surgery, pregnancy, or other issues, Mederma has coupons to help you find affordable options.

15. Gillette

Get high-value coupons for razors and more from this PG company.

16. Neutrogena

Save when you visit the Neutrogena website.

17. Clean & Clear

If you or your teens are having trouble with acne, Clean & Clear is to the rescue!

18. Goodnights

Say goodbye to bed-wetting problems with the Goodnights brand line!

19. Pull-Ups

Get coupons for a variety of Pull-Ups products.

20. Huggies

Get coupons and offers from Huggies online.

21. Luvs

Win diapers for a year and get a coupon now!

22. Yes To

The Yes To (Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, etc.) company specializes in natural makeup and skin care products.

23. Wet Ones

Hand wipes are always useful and always needed—get yours for less now.

24. Purell

Save on hand sanitizer—an essential in today's on-the-go culture.

25. Goody

Goody hair accessories and styling products are even more fun to use with coupons.

25 Top Personal Care Sites Where You Can Score Coupons