Last week, I gave you the five worst generics on the market and told you about the blind taste test I conducted with dozens of my closest family and friends! We tested twenty-five items and stated our preferences. Some of the generics actually rated HIGHER than their name brand counterparts. I think you may be shocked by the results.

Graham Crackers

There was no one more skeptical than I was when it came to blind tasting graham crackers. I would have bet money that I’d be able to tell the difference between Nabisco and Target’s generic brand. Confession: I got it wrong. 70% of tasters, including yours truly, preferred Market Pantry crackers to Nabisco. You’ve gotta taste it to believe it.


Love this one! The tasters failed to tell any difference between milks. We did our research and found that each of these milks came from the same dairy in Boise, Idaho. So, whether you pay $1.67 for the generic or over $4.00 for the name brand, the milk not only tastes the same—it actually IS the same for two of the three. Organic milk, while produced differently, still tasted the same!


Another shocker. If you ask me, Market Pantry ketchup has cracked the famous Heinz formula. Over 60% of our tasters were fooled into thinking Market Pantry was the name brand. The only noticeable difference was color: Heinz is a deeper, richer red, but without sight, the tasters were fooled. Skeptics turned to believers on this one!

Tater Tots

Nearly indistinguishable in look and taste, these tots fooled over 50% of our tasters. Discerning palettes detected a difference only in texture. Name brand better held its shape while generic fell apart. Even so, at a near 50/50 split, the generic brand savings are worth a try!

Orange Juice

Categorically, generic fresh juices are a good bet to buy generic. Take a risk next time you’re in the refrigerated section! Market pantry Orange Juice fooled 50% of our tasters with a very similar taste to Simply Orange.

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