To coupon without an organizer is madness! With so many coupons from newspaper inserts and online sources, it’s essential to be organized. When I first started couponing, I used a binder, and for many couponers, a coupon binder is the organizer to have. It’s easy to carry and simple to get in and out of. Here are six necessities to keep in your binder that I promise will help you feel more prepared and make your couponing life much easier.

1. A Calculator

Great for calculating price per unit to make sure you're getting the best deal or for calculating your out-of-pocket total before heading to the register.

2. Scissors

Invaluable if you Organize by Date, but still beneficial if you File by Category! You never know when you'll need to clip a store coupon from an ad flyer. It’s also great to know exactly where your scissors are when it's time for weekly clipping (if you’re like I am, you may have at least five around the house but sometimes have a hard time finding one!)

3. Stock-Up Price List

Not sure what a stock-up price is for a pound of butter, shaving cream, or toothpaste? Check out our KCL Stock-Up Price List to know what is a good price and what is a great one!

4. Store Layout

To speed things up at the store, especially with kids or when pressed for time, have a layout of the store and its aisles. Some stores offer their layout online or in small brochures, or you may need to draw up your own. When making a weekly shopping list, write down the aisle number by each product you'll be buying.

5. Store Policies

We cannot stress this one enough! Having (and understanding) each store’s coupon policy is tremendously helpful in knowing how to correctly shop at each location and in educating cashiers/managers when you run into snags. Go here for an extensive list of Store Coupon Policies. Print out the ones for stores where you shop and keep them with your binder. Many Krazy Couponers keep them in a plastic sleeve at the back of their binder.

6. Weekly Ad

Even if you've listed all you plan to buy from the weekly ad, bring it along! You may run across an unexpected deal and need to clip a store coupon, confirm the weight/size of the sale product, or verify a price that doesn't ring up correctly at the register.

7. Writing Utensil

Besides using to check off items, a writing utensil is handy for noting unadvertised price cuts and starring items needing rain checks.

8. Zippered Pencil Pouch

This is handy for storing your scissors, calculator, pencils, erasers, and highlighters. Keep it at the front of your binder for easy access.

What are your binder essentials?

8 Coupon Binder Necessities