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If there is one thing I have learned by becoming a part of the KCL community, it is that learning how to do crafty-type things yourself (like making meals and gifts) saves cash! To save even more, however, I need to use coupons too. Here is a primer for how to use coupons at craft stores to save the most!

The key to getting the best coupon savings

If there’s one thing you must remember when using coupons, it’s this—the more coupons you can use for a single item, or in a single transaction, the more potential you have to save.

So it’s critical to understand a store's coupon policy before you begin shopping.

The typical coupon policy will cover:

  • Where to find coupons
  • Brand or item exclusions
  • Directions for coupon/coupon code use
  • Use of coupons during other promotions or sales
  • Rain checks
  • Competitors’ ads or price matching

However, sometimes individual stores are permitted to set their own coupon policies, so it’s still important to also find out the policy at your local store.

Following a brief overview of how to get the most out of coupon use at each store, you will find links to the essential information you need, including where to find a regular supply of coupons!


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1. Michaels

Michaels is a popular couponing crafter's destination.

Michaels coupon policy overview:

The Michaels coupon policy is short and sweet. Coupons are available online, in the weekly ads, via the email list, and in-app. Coupons are not available in Michaels stores. Coupon use is prohibited for items and brands as listed in the coupon policy. Michaels limits coupon use to one coupon per product per day, and one coupon of each type per transaction per day. Michaels does not give rain checks if they run out of the advertised product.

Get the most out of your Michaels coupons:

Use the links below to find a steady supply of Michaels coupons. If you see an item you especially want, be sure to visit the store ASAP before they run out! Also be aware that pricing for items can vary between stores and online, so be sure to price compare both options before you purchase.

2. Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft

Jo-Ann is another great destination nationwide for craft supplies, fabric, and more.

Jo-Ann coupon policy overview:

Jo-Ann offers some coupons for use online only, others for use in stores only, and some that can be used in both places. This information will be detailed on the coupon itself. Jo-Ann permits the use of more than one coupon per transaction in stores so long as multiple coupons do not share the same bar code, give a double discount on the same item, or give a double transaction-wide discount. On the website, you may only use one coupon per order, and certain items are always excluded (see this list). If you forget to enter your coupon code for an online purchase, you have 30 minutes to call to get your payment adjusted. Finally, at this time Jo-Ann does not offer rain checks.

Get the most out of your Jo-Ann coupons:

To get the most out of your Jo-Ann coupons and codes, be sure you have signed up for the text and/or email list to get the most recent coupons. While shopping, pay careful attention to the coupon policy (i.e. which coupons can be used in which places). In stores, try to stack coupons whenever possible.

3. Hobby Lobby

Finally, Hobby Lobby offers a third option for crafters in search of the best supplies and the best deal!

Hobby Lobby coupon policy overview:

Hobby Lobby has had some issues with fraudulent coupons of late. For this reason, at this time they are only honoring their official weekly 40% off coupons generated from their own website. In addition to honoring their official coupon for use as specified on the coupon, Hobby Lobby honors competitors' ads for items at a specific price but not competitors' coupons or sales/clearance/door buster promotions. Hobby Lobby will offer rain checks of specific sale items, but not entire categories of items.

Get the most out of your Hobby Lobby coupons:

Due to the fraud issues, Hobby Lobby currently has a very strict coupon policy that is limited to one coupon per transaction. The best way to get the most out of Hobby Lobby coupons is to also price-compare items against competitors and make sure you are getting the best deal.

The Best Way to Use Coupons at Craft Stores