What is BevRAGE? BevRAGE is a new rebate app that pays you cash when you buy beer, wine, and liquor at stores, restaurants, and bars! Just upload a picture of your receipt to show proof of purchase. Then, cash out via PayPal within 48 hours. There is no minimum rebate threshold. BevRAGE first appeared last April in select US states. And on Monday, August 1st, 2016, it’s launching nationwide*.

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BevRAGE is owned by the same company as Mobisave, one of our favorite grocery rebate apps. Like Mobisave rebates, BevRAGE rebates can be stacked with other in-store rebates from apps like Ibotta. Download the free Krazy Coupon Lady app and let us show you how to stack! Here’s how BevRAGE works:

1. Browse dozens of offers on beer, wine & liquor!

Browse wine rebates, as well as liquor, mixers, and beer rebates. Look for ‘any brand’ offers including $3 off any brand of beer at any restaurant or bar, $3 off any brand tequila, $4 off any brand gin, or $1.50 off any 6-pack of beer.


2. Buy the alcohol at a store, restaurant, or bar!

These booze rebates can be redeemed at any retail store, or at any restaurant or bar. There is a limit of 1 on most offers. Much like Ibotta, you do not have to take any action until after you purchase the booze. And some offers can be redeemed once every 24 hours.


3. Upload your receipt to receive the cash via PayPal in 48 hours.

Much like the Checkout 51 and MobiSave apps, there is no verification process when redeeming offers, meaning you don’t have to scan or photograph the product. Just tap “redeem offer” and snap a picture of your receipt, then watch for the rebate to hit your PayPal account within 48 hours.


Here are some of the rebate offers you may find:

Average savings on wine is $1.50-$2 per bottle. Average savings on beer is $1.50 per 6-pack. Average savings on hard liquor is $3-$4. Best offers include $3 off on any brand beer at any restaurant or bar, and $3 off tequila or $4 off gin at any liquor store.


Download the free BevRAGE app now!


* Beginning Monday, Aug. 1, bevRAGE will be available in all states where it’s legal to discount liquor, which leaves these ten states out of the loop: AL, AK, HI, IN, MI, MO, NC, TX, UT, and WV. National offers will include Absolut, Excelsior Wines, Heineken, Hob Nob, Jam Jar, Josh Wine, Malibu, MillerCoors, Sam Adams, White Girl Wine, and many more.

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BevRAGE--The New App That Pays You for Buying Booze