You can usually print two coupons online per account (based on your mobile number).

But what if you need more because you found a perfect storm — a killer sale, plus coupons available — and you want to stock up on certain items?

While there’s no magic trick to making more coupons appear after you’ve printed them, there are a few tricks of the trade to getting your hands on more coupons.


1. Sign your spouse or your mom up for a account.

The only limit here is your imagination and your powers of persuasion.

It used to be that coupon prints were based on devices, so you could print two from your laptop, two from your smartphone, etc.

But now, prints are based on your account, which is connected to a mobile phone number. The name of the game is to use more than one phone number.

Rack up your printable coupon count by making your loved ones your willing victims.


2. Check mid-month to see if any coupons have reset.

Sometimes, coupons will reset after you print them.

This is never a guarantee, and certainly rare, but it’s worth checking back during the middle of every month to see if valuable coupons have reset — especially if there’s a sale you can stack with the coupons!



3. Visit RetailMeNot Everyday on Sunday nights for coupon resets.

Formerly RedPlum, RetailMeNot Everday coupons come out late Saturday night around 11 p.m. and sometimes reset late at night on Sunday.

Set your alarm to double check for any coupons you printed that you’re hoping will reset. And act quickly because RetailMeNot Everyday coupons disappear fast!


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4. Hit up the dollar store for hard-copy newspapers.

You can get Sunday papers with coupon inserts at the dollar store for — you guessed it — $1.00.

Note that certain coupons will only be available as printables or mobile coupons — companies like P&G don’t offer newspaper coupons for popular products like Tide anymore.

But there are still a lot of newspaper coupons available for the same items as printable coupons.



5. Download Ibotta and look for offers you can stack with coupons.

Ibotta offers are different than manufacturer newspaper and printable coupons.

It’s not a given that you can find an Ibotta offer that matches up with a printable coupon, but there are thousands of Ibotta offers at any given time, so it’s highly possible and always worth checking!

Many Ibotta offers can be redeemed up to five times, which makes stocking up possible even if you don’t have a printable on hand.


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