Couponers accumulate hoards of six things: coupons, products, newspapers, store flyers, receipts and shopping bags.

The products get consumed or donated over time, unused coupons are sent to military bases, and newspapers and shopping bags are recycled. But what about those colorful flyers that lured us to the store with our carefully clipped and useful coupons? Well, I save them.

Don’t call me crazy…or do. But I have good reason to keep them. Once you hear my story, you might well decide to save your own.

I save store flyers because…

  • I need to price items for transactions. I need to know price trends and cycles for the items I plan to purchase when putting together transactions for a shopping trip. Sometimes I just can’t remember the price. So I pull out my stack of flyers for an easy price check. OK, not all items are priced in flyers. But for products that are, it saves major time.
  • I need to remember what’s on sale. A current store flyer helps us compare prices and deals store-to-store while still at home. Where do you want to get that potting soil for your budding garden? It saves money, gas, trips and time when I know where I’m heading for which items.
  • I have rain checks. Having a flyer from the date a product was on sale makes a discussion with checkers and store managers easier. They can’t quibble with a printed flyer.
  • I track sales cycles. I need to know how often my favorite products go on sale annually. Lets’ face it: I’m Krazy, but I’m not going to build a spreadsheet and craft a huge database. I find it easier to page through old flyers to track cycles.

I save receipts because…

  • I double check savings. How did I do on the money saved? Looking over past receipts can make couponers feel more confident about skills and learning progress.
  • I understand that no receipt means no rebate. Couponing has a cousin called rebates. Submitting rebates often makes the purchases free, if not moneymakers. The number one requirement in rebate submission is the original receipt.
  • I can fix errors. Veteran or not, there's always an error that could happen. Receipts are useful in clearing up issues. Track and discuss any missed coupons or unnecessary charges in transactions and get them corrected.
  • I use it as a learning tool. For me, receipts are reminders that there are always areas for improvement in couponing. I look at it as motivation. Maybe next time I can save 80%!

This is a guest post by Anne from Florida.
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The Importance of Keeping Store Receipts and Flyers