Did you know January is National Get Organized Month? I think this is just perfect timing—with my New Year’s resolutions fresh in mind, I’m chomping at the bit to make a fresh start and make good on my goals for the new year. For me, this month is also a time when I traditionally take a look at how I've organized the important things in my life and make changes, if needed.

This January, I have decided my couponing strategy needs a facelift. So right now I am updating my couponing system based on some exciting tools I've found while browsing through KCL's tips.

A must-have couponing resource

If you are following up on a New Year's resolution to incorporate couponing to save money, you will definitely want a copy of Heather & Joanie's new eBook, 10 Days to Become a Krazy Coupon Lady! You will learn the ropes of couponing in 10 short days and be up and running in no time!

Topics include: types of coupons, shopping with coupons, getting organized, when to use coupons for maximum savings, and much more!

3 Steps to organize your couponing strategy

Follow these steps—using the helpful resources highlighted here—to give your couponing strategy an organizational makeover!

1. Organizing your coupons.

Organizing your coupons is perhaps the most critical part of creating and maintaining an effective couponing strategy. If you know what you have coupons for, and you know which coupons to use first, and you can grab your coupons quickly when you don't have a lot of time, you will never miss out on a deal due to lack of organization.

  • What you need: In order to organize your coupons, you need a storage system you enjoy using, clear labels, and some time set aside regularly to clip and organize your new coupons.

KCL recommends two storage systems: the binder and the file box. You can learn more about each in the resources below. You can also use KCL's labeling tips to organize your coupons for quick retrieval and use.

In terms of when you clip and organize your coupons each week, KCL recommends Sunday, because this is when the new newspaper inserts come out, but you can choose the day and time that works best for you.

2. Organizing your coupon-based shopping.

Once you have your coupon storage system set up and running, it’s time to strategize your coupon-based shopping trips. You have a number of options based on the types of coupons you use most. One thing you absolutely will want to do is download KCL's couponing spreadsheet to track your savings through couponing (I love this resource!). You can track your savings and learn as you go, and celebrate your successes as you watch your savings add up.

You may also want to give app-based couponing a try—the resources here share six of KCL's absolute favorite couponing and cash-savings apps!

3. Organizing your couponing budget.

Once you have a basic couponing storage system and shopping trip itinerary worked out, it’s time to set up your couponing budget. You can do this in two ways (or even combine these two ways together): you can set a budget based on how much you want to save (using coupons to do that), or you can set a budget based on what you have to spend (using coupons to ensure you don't go over budget).

Part of sticking to your couponing budget is knowing when to stock up (because the price is great) and when to hold off or just buy what you absolutely need. The KCL stock-up price sheet will help you with this.

Another part of organizing your couponing budget is to develop an understanding of how sales cycles work, so you can plan ahead to coupon like mad when prices are traditionally low.


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3 Simple Steps to Organizing Your Couponing Strategy