I love my coupon binder, but sometimes I do find it to be a bit bulky. In order to keep my coupons organized, I’ve started using envelopes. They’re a lot lighter, and I can fit them easily into my purse. Check out the steps below for an easy transition!

Step 1: Get an envelope for each store that you shop. For free envelopes, check your junk mail for return envelopes! Write the name of the store on the front. It’s also smart to pen your name and phone number on the back just in case it gets misplaced.

Step 2: Each week when you plan your shopping trips, put applicable store and manufacturer coupons in the corresponding store envelope. If you have several envelopes, you can write your list on the outside, or you can indicate what you’ll be buying on a master shopping list and reuse the envelope.

Step 3: Take it to the store! If you like to travel light while shopping, you can just take in your organized envelope, though you may want to keep your binder in the car, just in case you run into unexpected clearance items or unadvertised sales! If your binder is your constant shopping companion, try finding a zip binder with expandable files so you can keep your envelopes and shopping list in hand. It’s also recommended to have a store policy printout with you at all times.

How do you organize your coupons?

Use Envelopes to Organize Your Coupons