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Kroger operates over 2,500 grocery and multi-department stores under 17 different names. Whether you know it or not, chances are you have some kind of Kroger-owned store near you. And KCL’s Kroger deals can help you save money at your local supermarket every week.

Most Kroger-owned stores have very similar sales in the weekly ads, with a few exceptions:

  • Harris Teeter runs totally unique promotions with zero crossover. Bookmark KCL Harris Teeter deals if you’re a Harris Teeter shopper.
  • QFC operates small supermarkets with largely unique sales that don’t overlap with Kroger parent company.
  • Food 4 Less and FoodCo have more overlap with each other and less with other Kroger chains.
  • Pay Less Super Markets don’t have weekly ads at all and tend to have fewer sales.


Baker’s Supermarkets

Founded: 1927, bought by Kroger in 2001

Stores: 11

Location: Nebraska

Fun Fact: Baker’s sales and prices are most similar to Dillons and Gerbes.


City Market

City Market Ad

Founded: 1924, bought by Kroger in 1983

Stores: 38

Location: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming

Fun Fact: City Market was founded by the Prinster family and had a Prinster member as president for the first 77 years.


Dillons Food Stores


Founded: 1913, bought by Kroger in 1983

Stores: 12

Location: Kansas

Fun Fact: Dillons has their own private label milk from a warehouse in Hutchison, Kansas.


Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less Ad

Founded: 1977, bought by Kroger in 1988

Stores: 41

Location: California, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio

Fun Fact: Food 4 Less is known as a “no frills” grocery store where shoppers bag their own groceries.



Foods Co.

Foodsco ad

Founded: 1977, bought by Kroger in 1998

Stores: 19

Location: Northern California

Fun Fact: Foods Co. is a subsidiary of Food 4 Less.


Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer ad

Founded: 1931, bought by Kroger in 1999

Stores: 132

Location: Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska

Fun Fact: Fred Meyer is the only Kroger affiliate to have their own reward program other than the Kroger Plus Card and the fuel rewards. They are also the only affiliate to have a play place for kids.


Fry’s Food and Drug

Frys Food and Drugs ad

Founded: 1954, bought by Kroger in 1999

Stores: 123

Location: Arizona

Fun Fact: Fry’s also operates under the banner Fry’s Marketplace, which is a multi-department store.


Gerbes Super Markets

Gerbes ad

Founded: 1933, bought by Kroger in 1983

Stores: 8

Location: Missouri

Fun Fact: Gerbes was bought by Dillons in 1966, before Dillons was bought by Kroger.


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Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter Ad

Founded: 1936, bought by Kroger in 2013

Stores: 248

Location: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia

Fun Fact: Harris Teeter is one of the few subsidiaries of Kroger that isn’t obviously branded by Kroger. Their website is completely different than all the others and requires a separate digital account.

Harris Teeter also has its own program where customers can get a free five-inch birthday cake for their baby’s first birthday.



King Soopers Food Store

King Soopers ad

Founded: 1924, bought by Kroger in 1983

Stores: 152

Location: Colorado and Wyoming

Fun Fact: King Soopers was bought by Dillons in 1957, before Dillons was bought by Kroger.


JayC Food Store

JayC Food Store ad

Founded: 1862, bought by Kroger in 1999

Stores: 64

Location: Southern Indiana

Fun Fact: As of 2018, JayC Food Store has been included in the Kroger Louisville Division.



Kroger Ad

Founded: 1883

Stores: 1,323

Location: Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Claim to fame: The 17th largest company in the United States.


Owen’s Market

Owens Marketplace ad

Founded: 1959, bought by Kroger in 1997

Stores: 4

Location: Northern Indiana

Fun Fact: Owen’s ad is the most similar to the weekly Kroger ad.


Pay Less Super Markets


Founded: 1947, bought by Kroger in 1999

Stores: 8

Location: Central Indiana

Fun Fact: Pay Less Super Market is the only affiliate that does not have a weekly ad.




Founded: 1955, bought by Kroger in 1999

Stores: 64

Location: Washington and Oregon

Fun Fact: Besides Harris Teeter, QFC has the most unique weekly ad.




Ralphs Ad

Founded: 1873, bought by Kroger in 1998

Stores: 200

Location: California

Fun Fact: After Kroger and Harris Teeter, Ralphs has more stores than other Kroger affiliates.


Smith’s Food and Drug

Smiths weekly ad

Founded: 1911, bought by Kroger in 1999

Stores: 132

Location: Utah

Fun Fact: Smith’s has a unique sale called their Case Lot Sale in January, April and September. This sale has products like peanut butter, baking supplies, and other pantry staples at stock-up prices.


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