You love going to the movies but hate paying full price on your tickets, right? I get it.

Here’s how to save on movie tickets:


1. Join MoviePass if you go to the movies at least once a month.

MoviePass is a monthly subscription where you can pay $9.95/month and see one standard 2D movie every calendar day.

It’s an individual subscription, so you can’t pay for your friends and family’s tickets with your MoviePass.


2. See not-yet-released movies for free with Gofobo.

If you have Gofobo in your city, use it! Search by your zip code to see if you can take advantage of Gofobo.

If there are screenings in your area, enter sweepstakes for a chance to attend exclusive special events and advance screenings of upcoming films. If you win, you’ll get an email and a code to redeem your FREE movie pass.


3. Check Groupon and LivingSocial for free deals on tickets.

LivingSocial and Groupon offer all sorts of deals on movie tickets. Of course, this often depends on your location, but you might as well take the 30 seconds to look for a deal on tickets.

I’ve found $5 movie tickets to certain theaters, or $2 off your next purchase with Fandango. These are free when you copy and paste the code.

4. Download all the movie ticket apps. Every. Single. One.

You can manage your loyalty reward program points through the app. I’ll get you started:

  • Cinemark app (iOS) (Android): When you join, you get a personal QR code on your app that will be scanned every time you make a purchase at the box office or concession stand. You can even get points if you don’t touch your phone during the movie or for sharing on social media. For real. Cash out the points you earn on concessions–like a free drink–at any Cinemark theater. Another cool thing about the Cinemark app is that it has a “CineMode.” This dims your phone and silences it during the movie.
  • Regal Cinemas app (iOS) (Android): When you download the Regal app, you’ll see promos available right away. Regal promotions change regularly, but a good example of a promo is 15% off a popcorn and two large drinks.
  • Dealflicks app (iOS) (Android): It’s kind of like for movies. You can save up to 60% on movie tickets. Theater owners pick what movies they want to discount on Dealflicks, and savings vary from 10%-60%. It’s totally free to use, but the downside is many theaters across the country have not signed up yet.
  • Ibotta: While movie tickets are not always on our favorite rebate app, sometimes they are. Ibotta ran a promotion when Star Wars was in theaters, and users could earn $1.00 cash back with their movie ticket receipt.



5. Use Credit Card cash-back incentives to earn free movie tickets.

There are tons of credit cards you can sign up for that allow you to earn points toward movie tickets. In fact, you should double check to see if the credit card that already lives in your wallet offers this benefit.

The US Bank Cash Plus Card will help you earn free movie tickets. You’ll get 5% back on all your purchases. You choose how you’d like to get your 5% back, and movie theaters is one of the options. Boom. Free tickets.


6. Buy bulk movie tickets at Costco or Sam’s Club.

Get this: warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club sell movie tickets.

Right now you can get a 4 pack of AMC movie tickets for $35.99 at Costco or a 2-pack of Regal tickets for $19.98 at Sam’s Club.

Check the fine print because some pre-purchased tickets can’t be used on new releases until the movie has been out for a few weeks.


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7. Sign up for your theater’s loyalty program for free tickets and concession perks.

Most theaters have a loyalty program, and every time you go to the movies there, you can earn reward points. Cash them in when you get enough for a free movie ticket, or spend them at the concessions stand. Look:

  • Regal Crown Club: Earn 100 credits for every dollar you spend on tickets or at the concession stand. You can use your points to then cash in on rewards like a soft drink upsize, popcorn upsize, 2D movie tickets and more. The Crown Jewel bonus program rewards those who visit more frequently:
    • Emerald: 6+ visits per year and receive 250 extra bonus points each visit.
    • Ruby: 10+ visits per year and receive 500 extra bonus points each visit.
    • Diamond: 20+ visits per year and receive 1,000 extra bonus points each visit.
  • AMC Stubs: AMC Stubs Insider members earn 20 points for every $1 spent on tickets and concessions. When you earn 5,000 points, you can activate the $5 reward to use at the concession stand only. Make sure you put your birthdate in when you apply so you can receive a special birthday offer. Only AMC Stubs members can take advantage of $5 ticket Tuesdays promotions and free refills on a large popcorn purchase.
    • If you choose to become a AMC Stubs Premiere member, you’ll pay $15 a year and also get $5 rewards for every 5,000 points earned which you can use for ticket purchases, concession purchases and membership renewals.
    • As a premier member, you’ll earn 100 points for every $1 spent, plus free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks.



8. Buy discounted Fandango gift cards from and save 15%-25%.

Check out Raise and Gift Card Granny for deep discounts on theater gift cards. Most of the time you can expect 15%-25% off.

Take a look at the savings:

  • AMC Theatres: 26% off
  • Regal Cinemas: 17% off
  • Fandango: 25% off
  • Cinemark: 4% off

Tip: if you have any unwanted gift cards, you can sell them and buy a gift card to use on movie tickets.


9. Participate in seasonal movie programs in your city.

Many theaters have seasonal movie programs where they shine the limelight on your old favorites, like the Godfather, or they feature discounted ticket promos.

For example this past summer, Regal Theaters in Orlando offered $1 family-friendly movies every Tuesday and Wednesday. My friends took their kids to see Home, The Book of Life and Hotel Transylvania.


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10. Do it the old-fashioned way: buy at the box office.

Dude, beating the line at the movie theater is the best. But if you want to get your tickets cheaper, you need to brave the lines.

Sites like Fandango charge a fee when you purchase your tickets through them.

Fandango’s “convenience fee” ranges from $1.00 to $1.35 per ticket depending on where you live. So, go ahead and get uncomfortable in order to save a few dollars.



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You Need to Know These 10 Ways to Save on Movie Tickets