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My mom kept one of my baby food jars from 30 years ago and just recently presented it to me with a snippet of my hair. I thought that was a precious gift and reminder of a time long ago when nothing was thrown away and items were used for more than one purpose.

It’s so easy to run to the store and grab something versus taking the time to make it, but it’s the time, effort, and thought that you can’t buy. Plus, repurposing these little jars is great for my budget! Start saving your baby food jars and try making these 10 simple projects in just minutes!

1. Photo globe

Via Baby Center Blog

This is such a great gift idea! I laminate my picture first and fit it to the size of the baby food jar. Place the photo in the jar, fill the jar with water, screw on the lid, and turn upside down. Add decorative lace or ornaments and you’ve made a thoughtful gift for about a buck!

2. Salt & pepper shakers

Via Pop Sugar

I love this idea! Baby food jars are the perfect size to make your own personalized salt & pepper shakers. Poke holes in the lid, paint, or use stickers to create your theme. They’re the perfect size for kids to hold, and make great housewarming gifts!

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3. Organizers

Via Random Creative

My kids have numerous accessories for all of their toys, and keeping track of those little pieces is a nightmare—especially when I’m vacuuming and they’re sucked up before I even see them. My daughter also has tons of hair accessories that are scattered all over the house. Store these tiny items in baby food jars, which will help keep you and your children organized.

4. “I spy” jars


Via Nest Full of Eggs

I have a little boy who loves to hear me scream every time he shows me a spider, lizard, or frog. Imagine his surprise when we made an “I spy” jar with all of his favorite plastic insects and rice. The rice hides the object from view until you rotate the jar. My screeching and his giggling were the highlight of this craft project.

5. Paint storage

Via By Stephanie Lynn

My kids want to be in control of whatever project we’re working on. That means they like to actually pour the paint and squeeze out the glue. Using baby food jars to store small amounts of paint allows kids to see the color of the paint and dip their brushes in it—without making too much of a mess. The rounded bottoms on baby food jars keep them from turning over easily versus using a plastic bottle or cup that can be knocked over in an instant.

6. Sea globe aquariums

Via The Chicabug Blog

A child loves nothing better than to play in water! Teach them about sea life by creating miniature sea globes with baby food jars, glitter, and miniature sea animals that you can get at the dollar store.

7. Petite desserts


Via Kara’s Party Ideas

Pick your kids’ favorite color of jello and make dessert in baby food jars! I love this idea simulating a watermelon for a hot summer treat! Another great idea for kids is to fill the baby food jar with chocolate pudding and top with crushed oreos and a gummi worm to simulate the earth! My kids will gobble these right down!

8. Vases


Via Apples and Onions

Roses are my favorite flower in warm weather. Yes, I talk to my roses and encourage them to make beautiful blooms. I love to cut fresh roses and place them in tiny spaces around my home to give it a floral fragrance. My favorite look is minimal with several blooms and a sprig of greenery—perfect for baby food jars!

9. Party favors

Via Taryn Alyse

The great thing about baby food jars is that they are glass (sturdy), have a removable lid (paintable), and store a plethora of items! Paint the lid the color of your theme, pack the jar with treats, apply decorative ribbon or labels, and you’re ready for the party!

10. Seed starters


Via Pop Sugar

I love anything that gets my hands in dirt, and if I can get more than one use out of an item, I consider myself saving money! Use baby food jars to make your own seed starter or grow your own herbs.

This is a post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC.

10 Fun Baby Food Jar Projects That Will Save You Money