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You know, LEGOs are more than just those toys you step on in the middle of the night.

They actually can be used to make some pretty cool gifts. Check these out:


1. Build around a lamp base for a unique night light.

Or just put some LED lights inside of transparent LEGO bricks for some seriously cool bedtime reading.


2. Don’t want to make a whole lamp? Cover the light switch, instead!

via Etsy

There’s a ton of ways to make this. Or you could just go buy one.


3. Help the kids learn to tell time with a LEGO clock.

This is a pretty simple DIY with a clock motor and a LEGO baseplate!


4. Count down to the holidays with a LEGO calendar.

You can buy these on Amazon, but it’d be more fun (and less expensive) to create your own.

TIP: Use a Sharpie to write the digits on plain white bricks rather than buying pre-printed bricks to save some cash.


5. Let the kids decorate their own space with some changeable wall art.

Just attach some LEGO base plates to the wall and let the kids change up the decor as they see fit.

TIP: Store the LEGOs in a bin near the wall for easy cleanup when they aren’t being used.



6. Display photo memories in a LEGO picture frame.

They can keep these for themselves or give them as unique gifts to the grandparents.


7. Keep your keys together with a key holder.

Attach LEGOs to your key chains and voila! A creative and simple key holder.


8. You can even make some dishes!

You probably don’t want to pour your cereal in these, but they’re a great catchall for those odds and ends taking up space in the junk drawer.

TIP: Change up the colors to make holiday-themed candy bowls.


9. Keep water rings off your furniture with LEGO coasters.

This is possibly the easiest way to keep from stepping on LEGOs.

Bonus! You have a place to set your drink while you watch the kids make everything else on the list.


10. Create a LEGO charging station.

Make this to hold as many phones as you need!

TIP: Use a mini fig (LEGO person) to keep the cords tidy. Their little hands fit perfectly around an iPhone cord!



11. Build a razor stand as a fun gift for Dad.


12. Make cold season a little more colorful with a tissue box cover.

This could be fun when your kiddo is home sick from school.


13. Use them with magnets to hold up important reminders.

Of course, this one really only works if your kids are cool with never using the LEGOs again. So make sure it’s a done deal.


14. Need a gift for someone special? Make some LEGO jewelry.

You could even separate the pieces ahead of time and host a jewelry-making party.


15. Make sure you have a box to put your gift in.

What a cool way to give the LEGO gifts your kids already made.

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16. Keep their bookshelf tidy with LEGO bookends.


17. Let them play in the dirt with LEGOs to make a nice flower pot.

You just might want to line the inside with some plastic if you plan to re-use those LEGOs.


18. Building a LEGO birdhouse is just the beginning.

The kids will love watching birds play with their LEGOs.


19. Let them update your kitchen.

You could make this permanent if you’re really committed, or keep it temporary to break up the decorating monotony. Of course, they could also go bigger with LEGO furniture or even an entire house!


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