1. Photo Vases from Upcycled Soup Cans

Fill these up with flowers, chocolates, or any of Mom’s favorites. She’ll love seeing the faces of her loved ones and enjoy a sweet treat, too.

Get instructions here.


2. Dip-Dyed Ombre Bag

If your mom is anything like mine, then she’ll be both fascinated and thrilled you made her a bag she’ll actually enjoy using!

Get instructions here.


3. Erasable Message Board

Telling your ma how much you love her every day is surprisingly simple—all you need is a frame, some paper, and a dry erase marker.

Get instructions here.


4. Flower Pot Ice Cream Sundae

Unless your mom really loves fresh flowers, I doubt she’ll be upset when she realizes what lies beneath the petals is actually ice cream and cake!

Get instructions here.


5. Mother’s Day in a Jar

Arrange your mom’s favorite things (plus some of that pastel-wrapped Easter candy you got on clearance) in a clear jar for a pretty presentation.


6. Salt Dough Footprint Heart

I would love to receive something like this from my kids—and I know they’d love making it!

Get instructions here.


7. DIY Lip Balm

Making lip balm is way easier than you’d think! Pretty much just melt some beeswax with vegetable oil and pour into cute tins. You know how moms love those cute tins.

Get instructions here.


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8. Chocolate Bouquet

Use double-sided foam mounting squares to attach mom’s or grandma’s favorite chocolates.

Get instructions here.



9. Mother’s Day Oven Mitts

So easy and inexpensive, you can make one for all the mothers in your life!


10. String Heart Yarn Cards

Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter, a needle, and some yarn to help your kids make the cutest cards!

Get instructions here.


11. 5-Minute Sugar Scrub

Because every mom needs a spa day. This sugar scrub recipe is one of the easiest I’ve ever seen!

Get instructions here.


12. Teacup Candles

Head to the thrift store and pick up some antique teacups. Then, just use a simple candle-making kit to create these stunning gifts.

Get instructions here.


13. DIY Pearl Hairpins

These look so elegant, no one will believe how easy it was for you to make them!

Get instructions here.


14. Mother’s Day Flower Art

Easy, colorful, and totally inspired by nature!

Get instructions and free printables here.


15. Hand Print Bouquet

Paint your children’s hands and feet (each child chooses their own color) and have them stamp their prints on paper. How simple is that?!

Get instructions here.


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