As a mother I love receiving handmade tokens of affection from my children for Mother's Day.  Add in a little chocolate, pretty flowers, breakfast in bed, and my day is pretty much perfect!  This project is an easy one for kids to put together for Mom or Grandma. Upcycled soup cans turn into great vases with favorite photos and hand drawn love notes. Fill them up with flowers, chocolates or any of Mom's favorites. She’ll love seeing the faces of her loved ones and enjoy a sweet treat, too.


  • Clean and dry tin cans
  • Photos
  • Notes and pictures drawn by children
  • Adhesive


  1. Have children write/draw a special note for Mom.
  2. Adhere the notes and photos around can.
  3. Fill up with treats and flowers for Mom.



DIY Mother’s Day Photo Vases from Upcycled Soup Cans