I’ve been eyeing the zinc letters at Anthropologie for months. Unfortunately at $18 a letter, I can’t afford the price. Luckily I found a very simple DIY method that will get you the same look for one third of the Anthropologie cost! And I was easily able to find all of the supplies at my local Hobby Lobby.


  • foam paintbrush – $0.20
  • cardboard letters – $2.47 each
  • black acrylic paint – $1.31
  • FolkArt pearl paint – $1.31

Total Cost: $5.29


1. Paint the letters all black and let them dry.

2. Dip your brush into the pearl paint and use long strokes to paint over the black. The pearl paint will give it the texture and matte look to make the letters appear like real zinc.

3. Let the paint dry and hang letters or place them on counters or shelves.

DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Faux Zinc Letters