My favorite part of a Super Bowl party is eating, and presentation is everything when it comes to great snacking. So how about creating a football themed table runner to display all that delicious food on?  This one is easy to make and will leave you plenty of time to focus on getting that food ready!

Materials Needed

  • Green felt or green paper – $1.50
  • White vinyl or white tape – $1.50
  • White number stickers or a number stencil and white paint – $2.00

Total cost: $5


1. Cut your felt or paper to match your table length. My table is 54" so I cut the green felt just a little bit shorter than that to make a runner that measured 50"x18". (If you are using felt you will also need to press it flat with your iron on a low setting.)

2. For the yard lines you can use white duct tape, masking tape, drafter's tape or white vinyl. Cut 1/4"-wide strips the width of your runner.

3. I started in the middle at the 50-yard line and then worked out, spacing my yard lines 4" apart and leaving 5" at each end zone.

4. For the yard-line numbers, stickers are the quickest and easiest option, but you could also stencil them on with paint.

5. Place the runner on your table, pile on all your yummy party food, and enjoy the big game!

Wow Your Super Bowl Guests with This Easy Table Runner