Ordinary orange juice containers can lead to hours of entertainment for your kids this summer. Whether by gardening or making toys, your kids won’t be bored when they work on one of these projects!

1. Make a snorting pig planter.

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Use spray paint made for plastic, a few decorative materials like pipe cleaners and craft foam, and hot glue to create a snorting pig planter. When your orange juice container has been transformed into a pig, just fill the container with potting soil and a couple of rocks to help weigh your planter down and help with drainage. Finally, choose a plant that looks great when grown from a pig’s nostrils.


2. Build a two-story dollhouse.

Cut out windows and doors first, then cover the carton in paper mache (paper dipped in glue or a flour/water solution) to create a non-waxy surface to paint on. Once dried, use white latex paint as the base coat before adding the final layer of color to your dollhouse.

3. Fill an OJ bottle with rice and small toys to create an I-Spy game.

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4. Create a custom rocketship.

Paint a clean, empty OJ bottle and help your child hot-glue juice container lids, wings cut from toilet paper rolls, and other recycled materials to their nearly-free aircraft.


5. Create backyard bowling pins.


For weight, fill 1/3 of your bowling pins with sand, and use a soccer ball to knock the pins down.

6. Watch something grow in a miniature garden.

These juice-carton planters work really well if you have limited space and no room for a traditional garden.


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