My best friend is definitely a four-legged one! King, my German Shepherd gets so excited when I grab his red leash to go for a walk! If you’re a dog walker, I’ve found the best app for you! Walk for a Dog is a smart phone app that donates money to local animal shelters every time you walk your dog. Donations to your local animal rescue can range from 11 – 25 cents per mile, depending on how many people have signed up to walk for that particular shelter. Basically, the more you walk, the more money you generate in donations! It’s a great, easy way to give back to the animals in your community—especially when you’re on a tight budget!

Start walking, start donating

1. Download the free app!

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2. Register

Enter your name and email. Then, select the shelters you’re interested in donating to. If there are none in your area, choose a location where a family member or friend lives. After clicking “Enroll” you should receive an email asking you to verify your account.

3. Personalize

Personalize the app with your dog’s name, breed, age and gender. My favorite part is that I can load my pet’s picture!

4. Start walking

Click on the app, press the “Start Walking for [your preferred shelter]” button and walk your pet(s). The app tracks your walk and credits the walk to the shelter in your local area. If you want to get really energized, get your fellow pet lovers to join and set a goal for how many miles each of you can walk each week. What a fantastic reason to get more exercise, right?!

Walk for a Dog: Donate to Your Favorite Animal Shelter Every Time You Walk Your Dog