Some Krazy Coupon Ladies love to exercise and love to jog. For others, chasing a diaperless baby around the house all day long is plenty of a workout.

No judgment! Either way, all of these strenuous activities are more enjoyable with the accompaniment of an MP3 player.  But where do you keep it so you can keep your hands free? Tucked in your pocket? Your bra? Again, no judgment!

There is a simpler way to enjoy an MP3 player while keeping hands free. Just scare up an old tube sock. If your dryer eats single socks the way mine does, this should be no problem!

The Steps:

  • Grab an old, clean tube sock.
  • Snip off an inch at the bottom of the sock where the toe is.
  • Place your MP3 player on your arm and slide the sock over it.
  • Position the sock into place so it is holding the MP3 player firmly.

Once the sock is in place it will comfortably hold your MP3 player. It will not only be gentle against skin but will absorb any sweat. When you remove the sock, it can easily go into the wash and be reused as needed!

This is also a great idea for kids–just use a pair of children’s socks to fit their smaller arms.

Thanks, LifeHacker

DIY: Make Your Own MP3 Player Armband