With Red Box machines it’s easy to enjoy a movie rental for “only a dollar”, but wouldn’t it be better if it were completely free? Red Box has all sorts of promotion codes to get people to try and eventually LOVE renting with them. The catch is that if you keep the movie for longer than a day, you get charged a dollar each day you keep it. So rule number one is always return your movie the next day before the deadline, which is usually 9:00 p.m. With that being said, here’s some more info on getting free Red Box rentals for life.

1. ALWAYS use a promotion code. They are always in effect; however, they only work once per credit card. So if you have 5 credit cards, that’s 5 free rentals any time! Don’t forget that you can use these with debit cards too.

  • DVDATWAG – only works at Walgreens Redbox locations
  • DVDKROG – only works at Kroger Redbox locations
  • SOUP6 – only works at Giant Food Redbox locations
  • 36CHEXMX – only works at Martin’s Food Redbox locations

Be thrifty! People are posting new codes online all the time–not always free, but sometimes quarters off a dollar, at least.

2. Sign up for Red Box text alerts. Just text “Deals” to 727272. They will text you a free rental code each month, so unless you are a more frequent renter, you can get a free movie each month, and that’s on top of the number of promo codes you’re able to use with your credit cards. You can also sign up for their emails to get deals too.

3. Like Redbox on Facebook. Often, Redbox runs a Facebook promotion for a FREE Redbox code when you “like” their page. Be sure to like them now so you don’t miss out on any great offers!

How to use the promo codes:

Take care when renting from the machine to make sure you get your promo code entered before you get charged. On many screens, there will be an option to enter the promo code before you make your selection. Look for this button before you search for your movie. After entering your promo code, simply make your selection, and make sure it rings you up for $0.00 before you swipe your card! The Krazy Coupon Lady is a great resource for getting free codes for Redbox. Keep your eyes peeled, and with the right amount of effort, renting movies should always be free!

This has been a guest post by Robyn from Orangevale, CA
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Redbox: How to Get Movies for FREE!