Do you find yourself throwing away spoiled leftovers on a regular basis? I used to. No one ever seemed to eat that last piece of lasagna, last serving of spaghetti or last piece of meatloaf.  After sitting in the back of the fridge for too long, it would spoil, and I’d throw it out. I might as well have been throwing my money in the garbage can.

One day, after my husband complained that there was nothing for him to take for lunch, I had an idea. I started packaging up single servings of our leftover dinners into freezer- and microwave-safe containers. I added a label and popped them into the freezer.

By freezing leftovers in single serving containers, I am saving money in multiple ways. First, no more wasted leftovers. Second, no more buying frozen entrees or special lunches for my husband to take to work.

Simply grab whatever sounds good out of the freezer, pop it in the lunch box and you’re good to go. You can even skip the ice pack in the lunch box, since the frozen meal will keep everything else chilled. The meals are thawed enough by lunchtime that after a minute or two in the microwave, they’re ready to go. These meals also come in handy for weekends and on hectic evenings.

We’ve been using the Do-It-Yourself Frozen Meal Plan for about 6 months now and have noticed a big savings in our grocery trips.

This has been a guest post by Amanda from Burnsville, MN 
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Feeding the Family: Save Money with this DIY Frozen Meal Plan