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15 Best Breast Pumps: Free and Cheap Electric and Manual Options

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Trying to find the best breast pumps, including hands-free breast pumps, on the market is like trying to find the best Jelly Belly flavor. There can be multiple “bests.” Still, let’s go through a few of the most popular pumps and hopefully, you can determine which of these breast pumps is right for you. I chose these specific pumps because they’re Amazon best sellers and overall get pretty good reviews.

Also, while comparing the best pumps, I’ve included whether or not the pump is covered by most insurance; so yes, these are the free breast pumps that you can apply for through your insurance. This is the “getting it for free” component. I’ll get deeper into that at the end of the list of the best breast pumps. Here we go!


Best Hands-Free Breast Pumps

1. Zomee Z1: $84.47

A Zomee Z1 breast pump on a white background.

Zomee Z1 is a great option in the way of hands-free best breast pumps. Its price tag is lower than competitors and overall, it has pretty good reviews on Amazon.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Affordable
  • Closed system
  • Night light


  • Suction seems to deteriorate over time
  • May not fully drain breasts

“This product is easy to use, easy to clean, lightweight, comes with everything you need to get the job done.” – Amazon Reviewer


2. Ameda Mya Joy: $159.99

An Ameda Mya Joy breast pump on a white background.

Ameda Mya Joy is a hospital strength, wearable breast pump. It’s affordable and lightweight at only half a pound.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Wearable
  • Closed system
  • 6 stimulation and 12 expression levels
  • Multiple flange sizes included


  • Not wireless
  • Doesn’t switch from massage to expression mode on it’s own
  • Battery life is only two hours

“This pump is super lightweight and perfect for throwing in the diaper bag and returning to work! It’s much quieter than my other pump and despite its smaller size, it is still very powerful and quite user friendly.” – Amazon Reviewer


3. Motif Duo: $159

A Motif Duo breast pump on a white background.

Motif Duo, like other double breast pumps in this category, is like a hybrid between a regular electric and a wireless breast pump. It’s similar to the Elvie Stride because it’s hands-free with a motor that you attach or wear around your neck, but it’s not hidden in your bra or under your shirt.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Wearable
  • Closed system
  • Has a massage and expression mode to encourage milk output
  • Multiple flange sizes included


  • Not wireless
  • Doesn’t switch from massage to expression mode on its own

“Great all around pump. Super portable and much quieter than my larger, plug-in one. I wasn’t expecting the suction to be as good as my old one, but it works great. Now I can pump in the car on the way to work!” – Amazon Reviewer


4. Ardo Calypso: $207.99

An Ardo Calypso-to-go box set on a white background.

Ardo Calypso has 64 settings and special “Vacuum Seal” technology to offer the best fit for you.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Affordable
  • Closed system
  • Fairly quiet


  • No automatic shift to letdown mode. You have to manually move through the settings
  • Doesn’t include hands-free pumping bra

“This is probably one of the best pumps I’ve used for travel, especially since it can be battery operated or you can use the power cord.” – Amazon Reviewer


5. Philips Avent Advanced: $259.28

A Philips Avent Advanced breast pump and accessories on a white background.

The Philips Avent Advanced breast pump is comparable to the Motif Duo, but with more settings.


  • Wearable
  • Closed system
  • 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels; pump saves your last setting
  • Includes a pumping belt to hold the motor


  • Not covered by insurance
  • Adjustable flange is difficult to fit
  • Battery life isn’t very long

“I prefer this pump over my Medela and Elvie breast pumps. It’s so easy to use and very comfortable. It’s much less complicated and with fewer parts. I pump straight into the bottles and it’s ready to go.” – Amazon Reviewer


6. Elvie Stride: $269.98

An Elvie Stride breast pump and phone displaying the app on a white background.

Elvie makes quite a few different options, including the Elvie Double ($549), which is comparable to what Willow offers. But the Elvie Stride is a popular middle-of-the-road option if you’re looking for the best breast pumps in the wearable category.


  • Wearable: You’re not tethered to the wall, but the motor is a third piece that clips to your jeans or you wear around your neck like a lanyard.
  • Affordable wearable pump
  • Quiet


  • Not totally wireless: Unlike Willow, and unlike the Elvie Double or Single, Elvie Stride has wires connecting the milk collectors to a wearable motor.
  • Not fully covered by insurance: Elvie is considered an insurance upgrade, so you’ll have some out-of-pocket costs.

“Love this pump! I had tried Willow which I felt was super painful and within a few uses one stopped working … This one fits pretty easily in my bra. I am a larger size so I was worried but it fit nicely.” – Amazon Reviewer


7. Willow Go: $349.99

A Willow Go breast pump on a white background.

The Willow Go is a smart pumping system that allows you to be mobile while pumping and while tracking your milk production on the Willow app.


  • Pump anywhere, and because of that, you may be able to breastfeed longer
  • You can lay down while you pump, although based on reviews, your mileage may vary here
  • App that tells you how much you’ve pumped


  • Expensive (Read on for money-saving ideas.)
  • Learning curve: The trial and error involved in learning how to get the suction right so the Willow works properly takes patience.
  • Not fully covered by insurance: Willow is considered an insurance upgrade, so you’ll have some out-of-pocket costs. (We’ll get more into pumps covered by insurance below.)

“This pump is worth it … Suction is comparable to a wall outlet pump, multiple different speeds, comfortable to wear, and fits in a normal bra.” – Amazon Reviewer


So is the Willow or Elvie pump better?

To answer this question, let’s look at Willow 3.0 versus Elvie Double, two very comparable pumps. I think what you’ll find is that it really comes down to what you’re looking for in a pump. Both are totally wireless, wearable, and app-connected. But they have different milk capacities, prices, and features.

Willow 3.0: $499

  • More suction
  • Holds 4 ounces of milk
  • Lower price tag
  • No lights

Elvie Double: $549

  • Holds 5 ounces of milk
  • High price tag
  • No bags to insert
  • Lights that show even behind a bra


Is Willow a hospital grade pump?

Yes. Willow 3.0 and Willow Go offer hospital grade suction comparable to the double pumps in most hospitals. The Willow 3.0 adjusts between seven different levels of suction and the Willow Go offers nine.

Want more little-known ways to save on baby costs? We’ve got you covered.



Best Breast Pumps: Manual

8. Haakaa Silicone: $12.94

A Haakaa Silicone breast pump next to its box on a white background.

Believe it or not, the Haakaa Silicone manual breast pump has the most Amazon reviews out of all of these pumps — 69,485. And it’s got 4.5 stars! It’s certainly one of the best breast pumps when it comes to the manual category.


  • Super affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free


  • Easy to tip over: Buy a milk stopper
  • Suction may be to strong and uncomfortable for some

“My baby is now a month and a half old and I have a freezer full of milk stored up. I use this product during my night feedings. While the baby drinks from one side, I use it on the other side to collect milk.” – Amazon Reviewer


Best Breast Pumps: Double Electric Stationary

9. Bellababy Double: $79.99

A Bellababy Double breast pump on a white background.

Bellababy Double has 4.5 stars on Amazon (out of over 13,000 reviews) and is definitely one of the best breast pumps if you consider that low price tag.


  • Portable
  • Closed system
  • Good suction


  • Not covered by insurance
  • Very loud
  • Problems with the digital display screen

“I love the Bellababy for on-the-go pumping sessions, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Definitely glad I didn’t splurge on something more expensive.” – Amazon Reviewer


10. Lansinoh SignaturePro Double: $99.97

A Lansinoh SignaturePro Double breast pump on a white background.

Lansinoh SignaturePro Double is a hospital grade pump that moms find easy to use.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Accessories: Comes with a lot of extras, like a tote bag and samples.
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use


  • May not fully drain breasts
  • Has issues with breaking down before it seems like it should (sometimes within weeks)

“If this is your first time breastfeeding/pumping or you’re experiencing nipple tenderness, I’d go with the Lansinoh, it is gentler. I had similar output using this pump when compared to my Medela.” – Amazon Reviewer


11. Evenflo Deluxe Advanced: $89.95

An Evenflo Deluxe Advanced breast pump on a white background.

Evenflo Deluxe Advanced is a solid and affordable choice when looking at the best breast pumps.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Affordable
  • Multiple flange sizes included


  • Noisy
  • Suction isn’t as strong as it could be

“I bought this after buying a single of the same brand. This pump is easy to use, cheaper than many brands, and worth money.” – Amazon Reviewer


12. Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow: $192.99

A Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow breast pump on a white background.

Medela’s Pump in Style with MaxFlow breast pump is portable and a good value for what you pay.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Accessories: Comes with a lot of extras, like a tote bag
  • Portable
  • Closed system (no milk backflow)
  • Pre-program controls for 2-phase breast expression


  • Not rechargeable: You need to be by an outlet to use it (or use the external battery pack)
  • No timer or adjustable suction
  • Not totally quiet

“If it wasn’t for this pump I probably would have switched to formula by day three after my baby was born. Truly a great product. The micro vibrations definitely help with my milk expression … I sat down to pump and got my first 7 mL of breast milk and almost cried … Needless to say I am religiously using the Medela pump in style with Max flow.” – Amazon Reviewer


13. Spectra S2: $210.99

A Spectra S2 breast pump and carrying case on a white background.

Spectra’s S2 mimics natural breastfeeding and offers 2-phase cycling for maximum milk output.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Hospital grade
  • BPA/DEHP Free
  • Closed system (no milk backflow)
  • Relatively quiet


  • Must be plugged into an outlet, no battery options
  • Only comes in pink
  • One size flange

“This pump is gentle, quiet, compact, and easy to assemble. After having extremely sore nipples from feeding my newborn, this pump is a welcomed change. I would highly recommend this pump and would definitely continue to sing its praises!” – Amazon Reviewer


Best Breast Pumps: Honorable Mentions


14. Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump: $74.99

A Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump on a white background.

Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump is a great option if you can’t afford Willow or Elvie. It’s not available through insurance, and it’s not very discreet and is difficult to position because you can’t see your nipple over the motor. Still, some moms swear by it and prefer it over an expensive, smart breast pump.


15. Freemie Independence II: $199.99

A Freemie Independence II breast pump on a white background.

Freemie Independence II is offered through some insurance companies, but its battery life is iffy, and it still has cords and tubes, so it’s not completely wireless like Willow and Elvie. Plus, milk containers can’t go in the wash. That said, it’s less than half the price of a hidden breast pump, so it might be a good option if you want to get started on something your insurance will cover.



How do you get one of the best breast pumps free through insurance?

A woman sitting on a couch, using a breast pump and looking at her phone.

The best way to do this is to go through a wholesaler like Aeroflow or Edgepark. With either of these options, you’ll enter some personal information, including your due date and insurance member ID. Then the wholesaler will check your insurance, and if you qualify, you’ll choose a pump through the wholesaler.

Read on for more details about these two options.

(And grab all this information about which baby registries offer freebies for new moms.)


What breast pumps are offered through insurance?

An Aeroflow electric breast pump on a table.

Fill out a short form to see if you qualify for a free Aeroflow electric breast pump.

After you share some basic info plus your insurance information, Aeroflow will verify your coverage and submit required paperwork.

Then if you qualify for a free Aeroflow electric breast pump, you’ll be able to pick a free “top of the line” electric breast pump, such as the time-saving Motif Luna Double, the ultra-quiet Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Double, the hands-free Willow Generation 3, and more.

Edgepark offers free breast pumps from Medela and others.

Enter your state and insurance company at to see which breast pumps you qualify for — including models from top-selling Medela.

Other models include the Lansinoh Smartpump Deluxe, the Spectra S23Plus, Freemie Independence II, and more. They even have a handy comparison chart so you can make an informed decision.

Once you’ve selected a model, enter your baby’s due date, your contact info, your health insurance info, and healthcare contact info to complete your order.


How many breast pumps are allowed by insurance?

A breast pump set on a table.

Generally, insurance companies cover one breast pump per pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if you have one already or not, so you can absolutely register for a breast pump, receive one, and still get a free pump through your insurance company.

Most breast pump manufacturers recommend that you replace your pump with a new pregnancy, especially if it’s been years since your last birth.



Are any hands-free pumps offered through insurance?

There are a ton of hands-free pump options available if you don’t care about the milk collectors being hidden. If you want that extra discretion, the Freemie Independence II is offered through Aeroflow and Edgepark. Additionally, I’ve listed a bunch of hands-free pumps above and included which are more likely covered by insurance.

The Willow 3.0 and Willow Go are available through Aeroflow, but it’s likely your insurance won’t cover the entire cost. It’s considered an “upgrade” item on Aeroflow’s website. This means you’ll have an additional out-of-pocket cost.


For deals on the best breast pumps and accessories, buy in summer or fall.

A person holding a Laniosh breast pump.

Summer breast pump deals

In the summer, plan to shop during Amazon Prime Day (typically in June). In 2022, we saw these deals on breast pumps and accessories:

Fall breast pump deals

As we approach November, hit up manufacturer Black Friday sales like these that we saw in 2021:

  • Willow: $75 off breast pumps (plus, you can get a $25 off coupon when you sign up for Willow emails)
  • Elvie: 20% off breast pumps
  • Haakaa Generation 1: 37% off silicone breast pumps
  • Kindred Bravely: 30% off sitewide and first come, first served mystery codes for 35% – 100% off (yes, free!)
  • Undercover Mama: 50% off sitewide
  • Baby’s Brew: 25% off with code: BFRIDAY2021

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