As the coronavirus continues to grow more prevalent across the U.S., health services are offering free online coronavirus screening and risk assessments to alleviate in-person traffic at hospitals and clinics.

I’ve listed 16 free online coronavirus screening services below, but some are location-specific.

More states, healthcare providers, and clinics are offering free virtual assessments by the day, so be sure to check your local area online if you don’t see a service listed near you.

NOTE: None of these services are official diagnostic tools. If you think you have coronavirus symptoms after taking a virtual assessment, check the CDC’s guidelines here or follow your state or county’s instructions before heading to a hospital.


1. CDC is offering a self-checker via their online chatbot, Clara.

The CDC set up an online chatbot named Clara who will walk you through their self-checker step by step. Just click “Coronavirus Self-Checker” to get started.


2. Plushcare is offering a free online COVID-19 risk level quiz.

Plushcare is offering a free online coronavirus risk level quiz.

If you still think you’re showing symptoms after taking the quiz, you can book a virtual doctor’s appointment by scrolling to the bottom of the page of the Plushcare health app.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app (iOS and Android) and book an appointment from anywhere
  2. Visit with a doctor from your smartphone or computer
  3. Their medical experts will assess your risk level, recommend prevention methods, and direct you to further medical resources.


3. Chat with OSF Healthcare’s chatbot, Clare, for a free online assessment.

OSF Healthcare’s chatbot, Clare, will walk you through an online self-assessment and advise you on what to do next. Just click “Start Coronavirus Screening” to get started.


4. Henry Ford Health System has a coronavirus risk assessment chatbot.

Henry Ford Health System now has an online coronavirus risk assessment chatbot you can only use if you have a compatible browser (i.e. not Microsoft Internet Explorer).

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5. has an online risk assessment quiz.

Visit’s page for an online risk assessment quiz. If you think you may need immediate care, you can also check out their virtual visits options.



6. Take Beaumont Health’s free online coronavirus screening assessment.

You can take Beaumont Health’s free online coronavirus assessment here.


7. IU Health is offering Indiana residents free virtual screening.

IU Health just launched a virtual clinic accessible through their IU Virtual Visits app for Indiana residents. Follow these steps to get your assessment:

  1. Download the app and create a free online profile
  2. Connect with their virtual hub and tap “Coronavirus Screen”

… or just visit the IU Health coronavirus news page for step-by-step visual instructions.

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8. Verily is offering a COVID-19 online screener based on public health guidelines., Google’s sister company, has an online COVID-19 screening option for California residents via their site, Project Baseline.

Currently, they’re offering testing for California residents in the following locations:

  • San Jose
  • San Mateo
  • Lake Elsinore
  • Sacramento



9. Houston just launched an online coronavirus screening test.

Harris County Public Health and the Houston Health Department just launched an online coronavirus self-assessment tool.


10. New York residents can now screen for coronavirus online.

New York just launched an online coronavirus screening tool, too.


11. Navicent Health has an online risk assessment tool for residents of Georgia.

Visit Navicent Health’s page to start your assessment.

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12. Spectrum Health has free virtual screening options for residents of Michigan.

Spectrum Health has free coronavirus screening options, including a free COVID-19 hotline for Michigan residents. Call 833-559-0659 if you’re experiencing symptoms.



13. South Carolina residents can take a free virtual screening via MUSC Health.

If you’re a resident of South Carolina, MUSC Health is offering free virtual COVID-19 screenings.


14. Augusta University is offering virtual screening for coronavirus.

Residents of Augusta, Georgia can download the Augusta Express Care app (iOS and Android) for free 24/7 virtual COVID-19 screenings.


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15. UAMS Health has online screening options for residents of Arkansas.

Residents of Arkansas can take UAMS Health’s free COVID-19 screening if they are experiencing symptoms.


16. Cleveland Clinic has an online screening tool and eVisits.

Residents of Cleveland, Ohio can take an online coronavirus test as well as an eVisit MyChart questionnaire.


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16 Free Online Coronavirus Screening Services