Wanna know how I filled my bookshelf for just a dollar per book? I’ll tell you how to get these 16 books, plus flash cards and activity books, all for only $17.85 shipped—that’s more than 70% cheaper than at Amazon.


The secret is signing up for the new welcome offers from Early Moments Book Club.

Think of Early Moments Book Club as a curated book-of-the-month club for kids. Sign up and get nearly any book on the site starting at only $1—but, wait! You have to become a member to get the deal. You can cancel your membership after your introductory offer ships.


New Dr. Seuss & Friends book club members get 5 books shipped for $5.95 (a $26.39 value).

My Dr. Seuss & Friends bundle for kids aged 6 to 66 includes The Cat in the Hat; Hop on Pop; Ten Apples Up On Top!; Go, Dog. Go!; and Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?. I also got a fun workbook and cute stickers.

It only costs $5.95 for the entire bundle versus $26.39 on Amazon—that’s a 77% savings over Amazon. You can even see a complete list of the books they offer here, so you’re not likely to run out of options anytime soon.

Continue with the service, and you’ll spend $14.97 for 3 books + $3.99 shipping a month (Total: $18.96/month).

Get your free Dr. Seuss trial now!


New Baby Einstein book club members get 3 hard books, 1 plush book, and discovery flash cards for $5.95 shipped (a $29.96 value).

Perfect for babies and toddlers, my Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries bundle included three wipe-clean sturdy board books, including the titles Music on the Go; Who Lives Here?; and What Is Black and White?. I also got the Baby Is SO Big plush book. Plus, the enclosed discovery cards correlate with the theme of the books, and a parent guide is included with ideas on using the books and cards to develop learning and discovery.

This bundle price outperforms Amazon for individual items (only $4.99 for the entire bundle versus $29.96 on Amazon, for an 80% savings over Amazon).

Continue with the service, and you’ll spend $11.97 for 3 books + $3.99 shipping a month (Total: $15.96/month).

Get your free Baby Einstein trial now!



New Sesame Street book club members get 7 hardcover books, 7 activity books, and a huge set of flash cards for $5.95 shipped (a $62.86 value).

For toddlers and kids aged 4 and under, the Sesame Street Elmo’s Learning Adventure introductory box came with 7 hardcover and 7 softcover books, including Counting All Around, Happy & Sad, Grouchy & Glad, My A & B Storybook, S is for School, and Animal Alphabet. The books and enclosed kits focus on counting, the alphabet (cute alphabet cards included), emotions, critical thinking, colors and shapes, and more.

This cute intro bundle is timeless and only costs $5.95 for the entire bundle versus $62.86 on Amazon, a 92% savings over Amazon.

Continue with the service, and you’ll spend $15.98 for 2 kits + $3.99 shipping per month (Total: $19.97 a month).

Get your free Elmo’s Learning Adventure trial now!


Choose one or sign up for all three.

The value is definitely there for all three sets, but overall, Dr. Seuss is probably the best savings. The bindings on Seuss and Elmo are a little on the cheaper side—not quite what you’d get at Barnes & Noble (but some people probably wouldn’t even notice). The Baby Einstein set is best for kids age 0-3. And whether or not you’re a Sesame Street fan, the Elmo set definitely had the most stuff—a pretty great value for under $5.


Cancelling your book club subscription with Early Moments is simple.

  • Members can cancel their Early Moments Book Club membership upon receiving the first shipment confirmation by calling the Early Moments Consultants at 1-800-353-3140.
  • Call within 3 weeks of your shipment date to avoid the second shipment and associated charge.
  • Early Moments accepts returns up to 30 days from the date of shipment for a full-item refund, but you won’t receive a refund on your shipping and handling.
  • The best deal is to get the intro kits and then cancel.


Choose the best offer, then click on a button below:



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